Ways To Smell Seductive To Other People

10 Ways To Smell Seductive To Other People In Order To Look Extremely Teasing Or Tantalizing In An Intensely Romantic Or Passionate Manner

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One of the best ways to seduce someone of the opposite gender is by smelling seductive. A sweet, pleasant smell is known to ignite some sort of chemical reaction in the brain. It makes a person get romantically drawn towards the other person. This is excellent news if you want to seduce or attract someone towards you. Use it your advantage in pulling your crush closer to you. This technique has been tried and tested many times.

Following is the full list of ten top most ways to smell seductive to other people in order to look extremely teasing or tantalizing in an intensely romantic or passionate manner:

# Concentrated Formula:
Try either a perfume or a cologne if you want a concentrated and robust smell. These can be a little pricy so make sure to pick one that fits your budget. You do not necessarily go for a big brand name because even an average brand is just as good. They all usually have a very strong smell that is enough to fill the room with its fragrance.

# Seductive Fragrances:
There are many different types of scents and some of them are mainly known to be seductive to the opposite gender. Pick a sexy scent such as musk or jasmine as they both are very romantic. Avoid more fruity scents such as mint or cider because they smell more refreshing. So pick a smell that smells sexy so that you seduce your date without many efforts.

# Scented Lotions:
You can even try one of the scented lotions as they have the same type of fragrance. You can also use a body mist as they can be equally effective if not more. Some people prefer to use a deodorant which works fine as well. Some of the flowery body wash has a pleasant smell as well.

# Allergic Reactions:
Keep in mind that some of these scented items can have an allergic reaction. It may cause allergy to the one using them as well as the ones who can smell them. So make sure that you or your crush are not allergic to any specific type of fragrances. You may want to pick a mild scent which is less prone to allergies.

# Body Part:
It is essential to apply the scents on the right body parts. Spray or dab a little bit on your wrist or behind your ear lobes. You can even spray some on your armpits or your chest area. Pick an area where it can last for a longer time.

# Small Amount:
Try to use only a small amount of fragrance. Spraying the entire bottle will make you smell like a portable perfume shop. The last thing you would want is to make your date feel overwhelmed with how strong you smell. Do some trials with friends and see what works best.

# Applying time:
Make sure you apply the fragrance right before you get in contact with the one you want to seduce. Some of the stronger perfumes can linger for an entire day. Some mild ones would go away in just a few minutes. So see the type of fragrance you plan on using and then apply it at the right time.

# Personal Hygiene:
Shower at least once a day to get rid of bad body odor. Clean your hair often if not daily. You can even opt to use scented soap and body wash. These things will make you smell fresh all the time even if you don’t use any other fragrances.

# Fresh Breath:
Maintain good oral health for benefits that can go far beyond seducing your date. Never smoke right before you come in contact with your partner as it can leave some really nasty smell for hours. Avoid having certain foods like onion or garlic as they can make you smell awful to say the least. Have a fresh mint to make your breath smell refreshing to your potential lover.

# Do Trials:
You really don’t want to spoil things with the person that you are trying to seduce. You should try to do some trials by asking some of your close friends and family to tell you how you smell. A bad smell can really turn off a person and that should be the last thing you would want to happen to you. So just to be sure do a small survey to be sure that you smell seductive and sexy.
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November 15 ,2020
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