How To Be More Social With Your Friends

How To Be More Social With Your Friends So That You Can Meet Up On A Regular Basis And Have Lots Of Fun Doing All The Things You Enjoy Doing The Most

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Making More Social Friends:

Good friendships can improve your mood when you are sad or feeling down. Spending quality time with happy and jolly friends can elevate your sad mood and also raise your spirits. They can also help you to reach your goals faster. They can help you give up smoking if you are a smoker. Or drinking if you are a hardcore drinker. They can help you shed a few pounds if you are overweight. Or make you a more active person if you are a couch potato. They can also reduce your stress or depression. Having a robust social life can bolster your immune system and help overcome health issues. Such people support you when times are tough. Friends can also help you cope with serious problems such as the loss of a job or a loved one. They can also be on your side when you have a breakup of a relationship or any other struggles in life. They can even help you boost your self-worth. Having people, you can turn to for support as you age, can be life-saving. All these things can give a significant boost to your willpower and also make you more successful in life.

Importance Of Making More Friends:

Friendships are one of the trickiest relationships in the world. It is pretty hard to find romantic love. It is even more challenging to find a new pal who you connect with and maintain that friendship. Keeping in touch with old buddies can also be very challenging. We still should not lose hope and turn our lives into solitude. Having good friends is incredibly important for our health and happiness. Making and retaining friends is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. Still, it is not impossible to do it.

Friendship Is A Two Way Street:

Friendship is and should be a two-way street. It should be a give-and-take relationship. Not just give and not just take all the time. Both things when in balance, can make a friendship flourish. Being there for your friends will make them be there for you as well. Friendship must be equal if you want it to grow with time.

Expectations In Friendship And Reality:

It is very common for us to have some preset notions or expectations of the kind of friend we want. Perhaps someone kind, understanding, compassionate, listens, and is a good person in general. We may also want them to have the same type of hobbies, watches the same kind of movies, has a somewhat similar educational background, or even professional background. And then we finally realize that person to be radically different from what we expected, and then we shut ourselves off.

Have Reasonable Expectations In Friendships:

Never have unreasonable expectations in your friendships. Relationships wither when our desires turn into deal-breaking expectations. Do not set too many expectations. Allow your friendship to evolve on its own naturally. Understand that you are two unique individuals. Your friendship is not likely to develop exactly as you may have expected.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Rejection:

Simply because someone is not interested in hanging out with you does not by itself mean that they are rejecting you as a potential friend. It is very possible that they are either busy or may have some prior commitments. It is quite possible that they are having a bad day or perhaps just not in the mood to socialize. It is also possible in some cases that they are just not a nice person. You should even want their friends if that is the case. It does not mean that you are worthless each time a person turns you down. The fact is that not everyone you meet is going to like you and vice versa. Remember that there is always someone else you can connect with. Rejection never feels good. But facing a few rejections is normal. You should develop the habit of not taking such denials to your heart. A few acceptances and a few rejections are part and parcel of life.
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November 11 ,2022
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