Tips For Making Friends At Work Place

10 Tips For Making Friends At Work Place Or Office For Possible Friendship Or Relationship

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Following is the full list of ten top most tips for making friends at work place or office for possible friendship or relationship:

# Smile Often:
Nothing can ever go wrong with a warm and genuine smile at work, in fact it will make you appear a lot more approachable by others. A friendly, bright smile can go miles away and make everyone feel comfortable when they are around or near you. Before you step into your office, take a look in the mirror and then smile at yourself by telling yourself you fabulous you look. A little bit of pep talks will enhance your face value, and the positive demeanor will make other people more open to having a friendly relationship with you at work.

# Lend Hand:
Lending a helpful hand at work can result in making more friends than you may ever want, but never overdo it as it may come across as an act of desperation. Whenever you see an opportunity, offer to help your coworker and automatically find a spot in their good books for life. Moreover, one day you may need that same person to help you on a busy day at work. Just try to be sincere, sounding phony may have quite the opposite effect and you would not want that to happen to you if you really want to form new relationships with your coworkers.

# Greet Often:
The best to make friends at work is by greeting other people, though it may seem pretty obvious or common sense. You may be surprised but there is no such thing known as common sense, and the biggest mistake most employees make is avoiding making eye contact. If you can't even meet eye to eye with people who work around you, then it is almost impossible to make new friends at work. As soon as you walk into the building, greet everyone that you come across and you never know where a small hello can take you in your relationship with them.

# Offer Help:
If you see a coworker's desk piled up with files, offer a helping hand so that you can start a potential new friendship. Almost nobody would say so for getting help, especially if they are already overwhelmed with a lot of pending tasks that have a deadline. The good thing about offering help is that it works both ways, one day you may need help and that same person may come in handy. In any case, offer support because you want to help and not because you are using that as a means to start a new friendly relationship.

# Common Interests:
Find common interests with your colleagues, then use those interests to start a potential new friendship with that person. It is a no-brainer that birds of the same feather flock together, making it easier for you to gel with a person who shares the same interests as you do. Once you establish that you both have common interests, then the next step is to make an effort to make plans around those mutual interests. Doing things centered around a common interest with coworkers can take your relationship well beyond your workplace, and that can be a great thing if you wish to be friends with that person.

# Avoid Controversies:
If you are serious about cultivating a meaningful friendship with someone at work, then you must stray away from any controversial topics. Political affiliation and religious beliefs are some of the things that you should avoid talking about, and both these things can create a drift between people. It is fine to talk about other non-controversial personal topics, but back out as soon as you sense a feeling of uncomfortableness in the conversation. It is best practice to keep the conversations straight, without talking about problematic topics that can potentially ignite a new fight or even an unpleasant argument and kill all prospects of any future relationships.

# Accept Rejection:
In any situation where you are out to make new friends, a few rejections are unavoidable and your workplace is no different. Rejection is part of acceptance and should never be taken negatively, and there will be some people who would accept and some who would decline to be your friend. You must also keep in mind that a lot of people may decline your offer simply because they may be swamped, or perhaps they are struggling with a deadline. If that is the case, then you should offer to help that person and that itself can make your relationship grow in the long run.

# No Pushing:
Another thing to keep in mind while trying to make friends at work is that you should never be pushy or pressure anyone into anything, show your interest and then other people respond. Whatever may be the reason, do not force anyone for anything no matter what. Your idea should be to try to make relationships with any many coworkers as you can, and for that, you should keep moving instead of focussing on just one person. The success rate in anything is pretty low, even if you can make a couple of good relationships out of a dozen proposals then that would be great.

# Remain Patient:
Keep in mind that building meaningful relationships takes time, so you must be patient while you are trying to become friends with someone at work. Your job is more like a long-term commitment, and you are likely to be around most of your co-workers for a very long time. So there is no need to rush in inviting people for a drink after work or getting to know them on a personal level. It is always better to take time for cultivating lasting relationships, and rushing may make you appear desperate and strange and that itself will more than likely push people away from you.

# Remain Positive:
If you are out to make good friends at work, then the first thing that you need to do is become more positive and optimistic. Your positivity will automatically travel to other people, making them approach you most often for various things. In short, a positive state of mind will make you an overall more attractive person. Once you can be more attractive to others, it will become relatively easy for you to start new relationships with your coworkers.
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November 11 ,2022
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