Ways To Love Your Friends

100 Ways To Love Your Friends So That You Can Strengthen The Friendship And Perhaps Turn It Into A Real Relationship

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Following is the full list of hundred top most ways to love your friends so that you can strengthen the friendship and perhaps turn it into a real relationship:

# Supporting and appreciating your friend.

# Being honest and truthful with your friend.

# Understanding your friend every step of the way.

# Respecting your friend’s decisions.

# Holding your friend’s hands.

# Giving your friend a pleasant surprise.

# Opening the door for your friend.

# Showing your affection to your friend.

# Being patient with your friend.

# Sharing your true feelings with your friend.

# Looking after your friend when they’re ill.

# Respecting your friend for who they are.

# Sending a romantic text message to your friend.

# Being faithful to your friend and not cheating on them.

# Spending some quality time with your friend.

# kissing your friend when people are looking.

# Walking arm in arm in the woods with your friend.

# Touching your friend in a loving way.

# Sharing dreams with your friend.

# Sharing your plans for the future with your friend.

# Sharing a small blanket with your friend and snuggling in it.

# secretly holding hands of your friend while at dinner with friends.

# Surprising your friend by initiating a touch that leads to making love.

# Recreating your first date with your friend.

# Learn a few new massage techniques and then applying that on your friend.

# Reading a book together with your friend on how to be more intimate.

# Spending time in the bedroom to connect intimately with your friend.

# Taking a staycation day with your friend every once in a while.

# Putting your arms around your friend while driving.

# Expressing your love to your friend for no reason.

# Starting and ending each day by holding hands and cuddling up with your friend.

# Doing something active your friend to lift the spirits.

# Expressing to your friend how much you value them.

# Being polite, courteous, and kind with your friend.

# Exhibiting humility, admitting mistakes, and asking for forgiveness from your friend.

# Defending your friend from others.

# Not embarrassing your friend by arguing or fighting in front of others.

# Making eye contact your friend while talking about something important.

# Bragging about your friend in front of others in their absence.

# Giving your undivided attention to your friend whenever warranted.

# Running errands for your friend without being asked and without any complaints.

# Sitting close to your friend while watching television.

# Agreeing first and then planning something with your friend.

# Finding your friend’s sexual needs and trying to fulfill them.

# Keeping yourself in good shape even as you grow older with your friend.

# Writing a mission statement together with your friend for your relationship.

# Being careful in choosing your words with your friend, especially when you are angry.

# Showing affection for your friend in social gatherings.

# Surprising your friend every once in a while with a special gift.

# Dividing the responsibilities around the house with your friend.

# Doing extra things for your friend but without looking for credit.

# Showing to your friend that you care especially in sickness.

# Calling your friend without any reason, just to check on them.

# Showing affection to your friend without sexual intentions.

# Focussing on your friend’s positives instead of dwelling in the negatives.

# Creatively expressing your love to your friend, both verbally and non verbally.

# Not feeling shy your friend in admitting your mistakes or wrongdoings

# Focussing on your friend’s desire to do their best, not necessarily the outcome.

# Initiating sex periodically and respond favorable when your friend initiate.

# Giving your friend the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

# Spelling out what you want and not expecting your friend to read your mind.

# Visiting your friend’s home town where they grew up.

# Looking at your best and dressing well so that your friend can feel proud to go out with you.

# Taking your friend’s side when someone tries to put him down.

# Cheering your friend’s successes and giving them a pat on their back.

# Thanking your friend for just being there for you.

# Sharing some of your deepest, darkest secrets with your friend.

# Rescuing your friend from the stupidest things they do in life.

# Tickling your friend and laughing like there is no tomorrow.

# Giving your friend comfort in some of their worst days.

# Reminding your friend how wonderful they are to you.

# Holding your friend tight when they are feeling down.

# Assuring your friend that soon everything will be alright.

# Giving your friend choices of what they should do in certain situations.

# Pillow fighting with your friend like two innocent kids.

# Letting your friend win easily when you know they can’t win.

# Surprising your friend with a lovely gift that they have wanted for a long time.

# Going on a long drive your friend to nowhere as the sun sets.

# Sharing candy with your friend until the last bite.

# Giving your friend courage when they fail at an important project.

# Giving your friend your shoulder to cry on when they most need it.

# Speaking up for your friend when someone is criticizing them.

# Fighting for their right when no one else would.

# Going out of your way to do things for your friend.

# Having faith in their abilities in making everything right.

# Motivating your friend to do more than what they think they can do in life.

# Kissing your friend endlessly and making out all night long.

# Passionately making love to your friend.

# The way you look at your friend in their eyes.

# Giving all your time to your friend and acting as if you have nothing else to do in life.

# Serving your friend their favorite home-cooked meal.

# Passionately making love to your friend like there is no end.

# Kissing and hugging your friend all night long.

# Being there for your friend when they need you the most.

# Giving your undivided attention to your friend.

# Holding their hands and resting your head on your friend’s shoulder.

# Gifting your friend things that they want the most.

# Making your friend your number one priority in the world.

# Giving your friend your support when they need it the most.

# Praying for your friend every day for their well being.

Aforementioned is the full list of hundred top most ways to love your friends so that you can strengthen the friendship and perhaps turn it into a real relationship:
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November 15 ,2020
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