Extramarital Affairs And Extramarital Sex

Extramarital Affairs And Extramarital Sex Falls Outside Of A Committed Relationship Or Official Marriage Which Makes Them Illicit Or Illegitimate As Well As Immoral And Unethical

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Extramarital Affairs And Extramarital Sex:

Extramarital affair or extramarital sex is defined as a sexual relationship that falls outside of a civil union or marriage. It’s when an illicit or illegitimate romantic or sexual relationship or friendship or passionate connections or attachment takes place. In other words, it’s an affair that’s kept after marriage but with someone else other than the legal spouse. This is when another person comes in between a couple and drifts or tears them apart. It directly amounts to adultery and infidelity.

Extramarital Affair Simply Means That A Married Person Is Two Timing:

An extramarital affair or hanky-panky two-timing occurs whenever a married male or female engages in sexual activity with someone besides their legal spouse. The term is used in a situation of a single person having sex with a person who is married to someone else, or a married person having sex with another married person who is married to someone else.

When Extramarital Affairs Turn Into The Primary Relationships:

An extramarital affair that continues or carries on in any shape or form for years, even if one or both of the partners to that affair goes through marriage, divorce, and remarriage, may be considered to be the primary or central relationship, and the marriage secondary or ancillary to it. Neither gender can be blamed because both men and women take equal parts in this misconduct. If there is a cheating husband, there must be a cheating woman as well. Likewise, if there is a cheating wife, there must be a cheating man as well.

The Extramarital Affairs Stats In History:

Extramarital affairs have been in existence since the beginning of civilization. It has been found in almost every culture and every society all over the world. History is filled with such incidences. Literature, too, has taken full advantage of this phenomenon by showcasing it in plays, books, operas, and movies.

The Extramarital Affairs Stats In Modern Society:

In modern, sophisticated societies, it has become a fashion statement to have an extramarital affair. It is considered a self-esteem booster. However, the fact remains that it’s morally ethically wrong or sinful to be involved in an extramarital affair. Nevertheless, numerous people fall victim to this irresistible temptation. It is known to tear relationships apart.

Why Extramarital Affairs Occur And Why Do People Cheat:

The world, in general, is becoming more and more forward when it comes to having affairs. A large number of people are found cheating by having extramarital affairs. People are getting more focused on their personal needs and unwilling to ignore their needs. They are clear about what they want. When they don’t understand what they want from their spouse, they look elsewhere to get what they want.

Extramarital Affairs Or Infidelity In Relationship Or Marriage Is Immoral And Unethical:

Regardless of the circumstance, extramarital affairs are outright immoral and unethical. Still, some people find a way to convince their conscience in doing this sin. For them, it’s not a sin. They simply think that they have a right to lead a fulfilling life even if they have to break away from the social norms. Extramarital affairs are always going to be morally wrong, no matter what. But, there are reasons why people even get into something that should otherwise be so undesirable. Some of these reasons are wrong, and there can be no excuse for such misconduct. However, there are situations where things become almost unavoidable for one to lead to a more fulfilling life.

Extramarital Affairs Are Signs Of Infidelity And Adultery:

Such affairs are not as desirable as they result in adultery and infidelity. They also lead to a breach of trust. An extramarital affair usually creates a triangle wherein one comes between the couple. It may also create a rectangle wherein both people have extramarital affairs.

Extramarital Affairs May Sometimes Save Some Marriages From Falling Apart:

Extramarital affair sometimes saves a marriage from falling apart because the gap that may exist in a marriage is being filled by having an affair. In this case, an extramarital affair compensates for whatever is lacking or missing in a marriage. Many people choose to fulfill their needs outside the marriage instead of breaking them up. There may be children in the picture, which makes things further complicated.

Reasons For Extramarital Affairs And Overcoming Infidelity:

Boredom Leads To Extramarital Affairs:

The main culprit is boredom or staleness in a marriage. After living together for quite some time, couples tend to get bored with each other, and they begin to wish for something more exciting. The sparks and lights of romance and sex become dimmer and dimmer as time passes by. The passion in the bedroom slowly and steadily dissipates, while the couple is left thinking of what the heck went wrong.

Sexual Dissatisfaction Can Be A Reason For Extramarital Affairs:

Another reason is that one of the partners is not able to sexually satisfy the other. When there is an imbalance between the sexual needs of couples, it can create a ruckus in the bedroom and finally in the relationship. There may also be resilient differences in the sexual preferences of both partners. Whatever it may be, unfulfilled sexual needs are known to create big problems between couples.

Emotional Disconnection Can Be The Cause Of Extramarital Affairs:

It may not always be sex, as the leading cause could be a lack of love and affection. Things may be great in the bed, but there may be absolutely no chemistry or connection between the couple. Everyone craves for love and affection. When they don’t get the kind of love they desire inside their marriage, they tend to look outside to fulfill that most inherent human need.

Prior Love Affairs May Lead To Extramarital Affairs:

Yet another cause is that it may happen that one of the spouses already had an affair with someone else prior to getting married. For some circumstantial reason, they were unable to get married to the desired person. Sometimes, such affairs carry on even after marriage. It creates one of the most vulnerable situations.

Serious Health Issues Can Result In Extramarital Affairs:

Sometimes one of the spouses goes through a chronic illness where physical or emotional involvement becomes limited. In such cases, the other spouse becomes more of a caretaker. They tend to look for a relationship outside of marriage. This may also be done with the consent of both spouses, where one gives the other a free pass.

Huge Age Gaps Can Give Way To Extramarital Affairs:

When there is a considerable age gap between the two partners, they tend to drift apart at some point. This usually happens when one spouse is relatively young while the other one is much older. This leads to varied interests and needs of both people and those differences get magnified with time. This situation eventually gives birth to a need for an outsider to fulfill their needs.

Extramarital Affairs Offsets Other Deficiencies In Marriage:

To offset the above ironical situations, most people indulge in extramarital affairs as that is somewhat easier than ending the marriage itself, especially when the circumstances are such, or when it becomes necessary to maintain the marriage while fulfilling other needs at the same time.
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November 11 ,2022
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