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First Love

First Love Is Significant But It May Not Be The Last One

First love is the love for someone that you feel for the very first time. This love will leave an imprint on your heart which will stay there forever. It is hardest to get over your first love. Your first love may fade over time, but it will be with you as long as you live. It will always make you smile and feel good about it, regardless of how it was. Your first love will never leave your sight. Your experience with first love will be engraved in your memory forever.

First love can never be forgotten and hence you will always compare all your relationships with the first one. Before first love hits us, our heart is like a clean slate. Our heart is clean, clear, and pure. That’s why our first love is so innocent and pious. First love is as pure as a drop of rain which falls from the sky and takes along all the impurities until it reaches the earth. Our first love always resides in our heart and it leaves good memories as well as some scars behind it.

The interesting thing to note is that your first love will always bring positivity in you and you will always feel good about it even if the experience itself was not that great. This is because this is the first time you experience love and romance in your life. Our first experiences with anything usually make a permanent mark on us. Our first love also shape how we approach love. It almost work as a benchmark of how we perceive love for the rest of our lives.

First love can be very intoxicating as well as mesmerizing. It makes us feel euphoric and ecstatic. First love should not be confused with a strong physical connection that you may feel for someone when you were in middle school. It has more to do with feeling and emotions that comes with the feeling of rea love and romance. There is no technical definition of love and each of define it somewhat differently. So the way we describe has a lot to do with our first experience with love.

Most people usually compare their relationships with their first love so that they can determine if they are truly in love. The main reason is because our first love felt so awesome, we unknowingly try to replicate those same feelings in our current or future relationships. Even imagining or simulating those same intense feelings of first love gives us a high. The first feeling of love that we first felt becomes a standard for future love.

With time, feeling of first love may fade away but they never goes away. Our first love makes the person we are today, as far as our romantic lives are concerned. Our first love kind of creates a foundation upon which our other relationships are built. After a very long period of time, our first love get buried deep under subsequent loves. The feelings or the memories become weaker but they still stay with us.

First love feelings are very strong but we should allow them to prevent us from truly falling in love again. So it’s important not be consumed with our first love so much that we raise our bars so high that it becomes very difficult to reach that high every again. Think of your first love as a pleasant feeling and learn from it. Don’t keep holding onto it.

First love is usually so strong that it may end up in being last love for some people. Remember, if you didn’t have success with your first love, it should not be your last love. Always try to make your subsequent loves so powerful that it make your first love almost irrelevant. That said, first love will always remain with as a pleasant remembrance.
Date Posted/Updated On: 11/21/2018
Author: ispace1

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