Ice Breaker Questions To Ask A Guy Or A Girl

100 Ice Breaker Questions To Ask A Guy Or A Girl Or Your Crush Or Your Date Or Your Boyfriend Or Your Girlfriend To Get To Know Them

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Following is the full list of hundred top most romantic ice breaker questions to ask a guy or a girl or your crush or your date or your boyfriend or your girlfriend to get to know them:

# What is your zodiac sign and do you believe in it?

# What is your highest level of formal education?

# What do you usually do on weekends after work?

# What would your perfect morning or evening look like?

# Where do you work and what exactly do you do for a living?

# Where would you like to live after you retire from work?

# Who is your real life hero, and what do you do to idealize them?

# Can you sing or play any kind of musical instrument?

# Do you like to stay in or do you like to party often?

# What do you like to do in your leisure or downtime?

# Are you more of an introvert or more of an extrovert or somewhere in between?

# Are you very religious and are you affiliated with any religious group?

# Do you believe in God and do you pray on a regular basis?

# Are you allergic to any specific things or particles?

# When was the last time that you went to watch a movie in a movie theater?

# What is one specific thing that your friends can always count on you for?

# Which type of outfit do you like to wear all of the time?

# Who did you vote for in the last general election and are you happy with your choice?

# Do you consider yourself to be an independent person?

# Do you drive or prefer to take public transportation as much as possible?

# Do you live all alone or do you have roommates?

# Do you collect anything since you were a young child?

# Do you follow politics and are you into current affairs?

# How and where did you meet your best friend?

# How often do you read a hard copy book or a journal?

# Do you like to read an actual newspaper in the mornings?

# What is the last book that you really enjoyed reading and would recommend to your friends?

# What is the most exciting concert that you have ever been to?

# Do you always like to eat natural and organically grown food?

# How long have you known your oldest childhood friend?

# How would your close friends describe you as a person?

# What kind of music or movies did you listen to or watch while growing up?

# What do you and your old friends do together to have fun?

# Have you ever gone on a cruise and would you like to go in future?

# Have you ever traveled alone and do you like to travel alone?

# Are you a workaholic, and what are your work hours like?

# How did you enter your current career and how long has it been in the same field?

# What was your major in college, and when did you graduate?

# Which schools and colleges did you go to, and when did you graduate?

# Do you have any plans to pursue further education and go back to school?

# Were you a regular member of a fraternity or sorority in your university?

# What is your earliest but one of the funniest childhood memory?

# Were you part of any sports teams in high school or college?

# What were some of your extra-curricular or co-curricular activities while you were in school?

# Are you still in touch with your childhood friends from your elementary school?

# How many times did you change your school while you were growing up?

# How many cities did you live in while you were growing up?

# Do you have any bad habits and are you seriously trying to get rid of them?

# What is your earliest happy and scary memory that you still remember vividly?

# What are your career goals and do you think you are on the right path to achieve them?

# Do you consider yourself to be more of an optimistic or a pessimistic kind of person?

# Do you consider yourself to be more of a pessimist or optimist?

# How many hours a week do you work and do you have free time in the evening and weekends?

# Do you like going to museums or art shows while you are on vacation?

# Do you have any hobbies that you seriously pursue on a regular basis?

# How much sleep do you need every night and do you like to take naps during the day?

# What is your most favorite hobby or any other activity that you like to practice?

# What emotions do you find yourself having trouble controlling?

# What other languages would you like to learn in the future?

# What kinds of movies do you like to watch in movie theaters?

# Do you like to spend time with your family and are you close to them?

# What makes you feel truly happy, and what do you do to get more of that?

# What are a few things that make you sad, and what do you do to overcome them?

# What is your idea of perfect relaxation after a long and tiring day at work?

# What makes you feel the most alive when everything looks dull around you?

# What does your typical day look like and is there space for some leisure time?

# How do you solve problems in life when you are all alone?

# Do you wash your hands with a hand sanitizer after touching anything in public places?

# What is your favorite cuisine and can you ever get bored of it?

# Do you hang out with your siblings and cousins?

# Are you first one to arrive at a party and the last one to leave or perhaps both?

# When was the last time you volunteered for your local community?

# Do you get a full night sleep or keep getting up intermittently?

# Do you usually snore when you sleep at night?

# When was the last time you donated to a charity?

# Do you pay your credit card bills in full or just make the minimum payment every month?

# Are you always on time when you reach a party or are you usually late?

# Do you consider yourself a party animal?

# Has anyone told you that you are anti-social?

# Do you think you are more of a people person?

# Do you like to speak in public or would you feel shy?

# Approximately how much do you tip when you go out to eat?

# Do you still hang out with your old childhood friends?

# Do you socialize at times with your neighbors?

# Were you always an A student in school or barely able to pass your classes?

# Do you have any physical or mental disabilities?

# Have you ever been involved in any significant roadside accidents?

# Do you like it when it is raining outside in the summers?

# Do you like to go to the nearby beaches and walk on the hot sand?

# Are you always punctual and value other people’s time?

# Have you gotten any tickets for speeding or jumping stop lights?

# Do you like boating and do you own a boat at this time?

# Do you always like to be on the driver’s seat?

# Have you ever participated in any of the winter sports?

# Do you easily get into a fight or an argument with strangers?

# Do you tend to greet strangers walking on the streets?

# Has anyone ever accused you of any kind of wrongdoing?

# Do you always like to take charge of the remote control?

# Do you look for shortcuts in almost everything that you do in life?

# Are there any strict routines that you must follow no matter what?

Aforementioned is the full list of hundred top most romantic initial preliminary questions to ask a guy or a girl or your crush or your date or your boyfriend or your girlfriend to get to know them:
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November 15 ,2020
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