Love Vs Obsession

Main Points Of Differences And Distinctions Between Love And Obsession

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Love and obsession are very closely related. It is normal for the two emotions to occur simultaneously, but things can get really nasty when obsession takes over love.

Following are some of the main points of differences and distinctions between love and obsession:

Love is a genuine feeling towards another person, one that is selfless and it usually doesn’t go away with time; whereas, obsession is a camouflage of being overly compulsively preoccupied with someone and it usually fades away with time when true feelings begin to emerge.

Love involves attachment, sacrifices, care, affection, and support; whereas, obsession is a strong desire for the other person and can sometimes be considered insane.

Love may be one or two-sided; whereas, obsession is usually a one-sided desire or attachment for the other person, and it can even become dangerous or violent.

Love is one of the purest forms of feelings; whereas, obsession is more of a psychological disorder.

Love is selfless and has no motives except giving happiness to the other person; whereas, obsession mainly involves one’s selfish reasons and has no place for the pleasure of the other person.

Love tends to be more balanced and in control of one’s senses; whereas, obsession leads to a total loss of balance and control.

Love makes the world go around, and it is the main ingredient to make one happy in life; whereas, obsession is more of a crazy act.

Love with just a little bit of obsession may be a good thing as it keeps the emotions alive between a couple; whereas, obsession ultimately kills the love that may once used to exist between two people.
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November 15 ,2020
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