Longing For Love Or Never Been In A Relationship

Longing For Love Or Never Been In A Relationship Is A Very Strong Form Of Irresistible Yearning Craving Hunger Desire Wish To Be With Someone

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Longing For Love Or Never Been In A Relationship:

Love and longing for love are very closely connected with each other. Longing is a persistent and robust yearning, a craving, a hunger, a desire, a wish, which may or may never be fulfilled. Longing is for someone one is powerfully attracted to that person. People often long for whom and what they genuinely love. When a person has never been in a relationship or love then they long for love much more than anyone else.

Longing is An Unfulfilled Desire For Love:

Hunger can be for someone or something unattainable or distant. Longing is a long unfulfilled desire for something that promises pleasure of some kind in return. Longing is always waiting to get love from a loved one when the days might feel long as one is longing to see someone one likes. Longing becomes very painful when the desire for someone remains unfulfilled.

Longing Leads To Desperation:

Longing for someone leads to agony and palpable desperation and ache of wanting that person. As long as one is longing for someone, it means that love appears possible and probable. Longing for something impossible is foolish. Longing to get love from someone who has no feelings for that person will only lead to pain. Longing for someone one admires, and there are no reciprocal feelings will lead to disappointment.

Longing Fades Out At Some Point If It Is Not Reciprocated:

Longing for love in a relationship can be a warning sign. When one doesn’t let the love that one longs for, then eventually that longing also dies out with time. It is not possible to get love from someone who doesn’t love you. It is almost like you are trying to squeeze water from a stone just because you are so thirsty. It is as if there are no other sources of water.

Longing Makes A Person Addicted:

This is when you get addicted to that person. You want love only from that person. But what can you do if that person has no love to give back to you. The best way is to pull yourself back and put an end to this kind of longing which may never be attainted.

Some Advantage Of Longing For Love:

But longing has some very positive attributes as well. Longing to be with a loved one who is out of town on business or gone away for a while is a positive thing. It means love has not disappeared due to the absence of that person. In fact, if there is no longing in this case, then there probably is no love. So, in that way, love and longing for love, are both correlated.

Longing Is A Craving To Get More Love:

Love is a strong desire for a person or object, and longing for love leads to more love. Longing is like a craving to have that person where love is the end result. Hunger is not always love, as it hurts when the person is not reciprocating. But it's also good because it makes love stronger.

Love Becomes More Complicated When There Is Too Much Longing For Someone:

Love makes one feel incomplete if it is not reciprocated in the same way. Longing is a feeling of emotions felt by one for want of the person. Longing can be questionable, but love is not. Love is as vast as an ocean where longing is part of that ocean. Love is all kinds of emotions and is not just a mere physical presence, but longing is more of a physical presence or absence of the person.
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November 15 ,2020
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