Love You Vs I Love You

Main Points Of Differences And Distinctions Between Love You Vs I Love You

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Saying love you to someone or saying I love you to someone are two completely different things. Saying love you means that you love someone platonically or in a non-romantic manner. Saying I love you indicates profound feelings of love that may or may not be romantic. Saying love is considered to be more casual and saying I love you holds a much deeper meaning.

Following are some of the main points of differences and distinctions between love you and I love you:

"Love you" these days is used in a very informal way to almost anyone without holding any meaning; whereas, "I love you" is reserved for people such as a romantic partner or a very close family member or even a very close friend.

"Love you" is said in a friendly way which means feelings that are slightly more than that of liking; whereas, "I love you" is told with a lot of thoughts and meaning as it is not for everyone.

"Love you" may be used for almost anyone, including friends and family; whereas, "I love you" is generally used for people who hold a special place in one’s heart.

"Love you" is a casual emotion; whereas, "I love you" is a more profound sentiment.

The best way is to love and be in love with the same person at the same time.
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November 15 ,2020
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