Types And Kinds Of Love And Romance

Ultimate Guide To The Most Awesome Importance And Amazing Significance Of Types And Kinds Of Love And Romance

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Types And Kinds Of Love:


Affection or fondness means or is defined as a state of mind that is mostly linked with feelings of love that goes deeper than a mere platonic friendship. Affection is many times interchangeably used to express love or romance for a romantic partner, but it is a much broader feeling than just love for someone. It is a way to show someone how much a person loves them. It is a kind of fondness or adoration for someone that is more like having feelings for someone.


Infatuation, also sometimes referred to as being smitten, means or is defined as the state of getting carried away by someone, mostly towards someone for whom one has strong romantic or sexual feelings. It is often confused with genuine feelings of love. It makes people think that they are in love, but it may just be lust or deep liking. It is a kind of attraction that one has for another person without knowing too much about that person.


Lust means or is defined as a powerful desire that generates intense longing to be with someone in a sexual way, making it often beyond one's control. Lust is mostly related to love, sexuality, wealth, or power, and never to a real feeling of love.

Impersonal Love:

Impersonal love means or is defined as when a person loves an object, thing, rule, or goal to which they are profoundly connected. It involves no personal touch with any other person, and it has no connection with any living being.

Interpersonal Love:

Interpersonal love means or is defined as the love between two people. It is a lot more profound emotion than a mere liking for someone. Interpersonal love is most closely related to interpersonal relationships. Such kind of love may exist among family members, friends, relatives, and couples. The love between couples is known as romantic love.

Free Love:

Free love means or is defined as a movement, which accepts all kinds of love. It is an idea that people should be able to enjoy the freedom of having sex with as many different people as they like. It should not matter if they are married or are in a relationship. Its primary purpose is to separate the state from sexual matters such as relationships, marriage, pregnancy, birth control, and infidelity, and it states that such personal issues should be only between the people involved, and nobody else.

Infatuated Love:

Infatuated love or infatuation means or is defined as love or passion for someone, but it usually ends very shortly. It could later develop into real love, but has not yet become anything serious. Most romantic relationships typically start as infatuated love, and then later transform into romantic love because it takes time for intimacy to develop and grow. Without the growing feelings of commitment, things may vanish very soon.

Virgin Love:

Virgin love means or is defined as a love that happens only for one time as it will never happen again with anyone else. Another way to look at virgin love is when someone falls in love with someone when they are totally innocent.

Love Life:

Love life means or is defined as a person's day-to-day romantic activities in or outside of a relationship or marriage. A person who engages in frequent romantic activities is said to have an active love life while someone with little or no romantic encounters is said to have a dull love life.

Love Nest:

Love nest means or is defined as a place such as a house or an apartment where two lovers meet up to have romance. This term is used more commonly if there is a secret love affair or if the couple is in a new relationship.

Love Potion:

Love potion means or is defined as a magical potion that is believed to excite or arouse romantic or sexual passion toward a particular person who is offering it. It is commonly used to enhance the romantic or sexual inclination of a person who is either hesitant or is reluctant to get physical.

Love Rat:

Love rat means or is defined as a man who has a secret sexual relationship with someone other than his wife or partner. Such a man ill-treats his partner by indulging in multiple sexual relationships with numerous women.

Love Bombing:

Love bombing means or is defined as a dating technique in which someone bombards the person they are dating right from the first time they met with overwhelming levels of attention and approval. They shower so much love on the other person and expect so much attention from the other person that it leads to pushing them away by making them feel suffocated.

Love Struck:

Being lovestruck means or is defined as intensely falling in love, to be hit by love straight in the heart. Such feelings of love can dissipate very fast, or they can last for a lifetime.

Love Games:

Love games means or is defined as the games that one plays when they are in love with someone. People play such games just because they may not want to confess their feelings directly, or they may just want to play hard to get.

Love Making:

Lovemaking means or is defined as the act of making love to someone with feelings and emotions. It involves having sex, but it is supposed to be more intimate, passionate, romantic, and meaningful.

Love Language:

Love language means or is defined as the means to express your feelings of love and affection towards someone. Different people have different ways of expressing their love, and some do it by doing things while others do it by behaving in a particular manner.

Love Bite:

Love bite means or is defined as a scar or a bruise mark on a body part left by a lover while making out or making love. It is also known as a hickey, which is a mark made out of an intense form of kissing.

Love Bucket:

Love bucket means or is defined as a list of qualities or characteristics that a person wishes or desires that their partner possesses. It is a kind of most desired quality that a person must have in order to have a meaningful relationship.

Love Chub:

Love chub means or is defined as the weight one gains when they are happily in love in a healthy relationship. An extreme form of love and happiness can keep a person truly happy, and that can lead to a stress-free and worry-free life, causing the person to gain a few pounds.

Love Scars:

Love scars means or is defined as emotional baggage from a previous relationship. It can be a result of an abusive relationship, or it could be merely missing someone who was once very close to one's heart but is now a distant past.

Love Addict:

Love addict means or is defined as someone who is obsessed with one or more people at the same time or at different times. Such a person cannot survive without loving someone and getting loved back from that person.

Love Machine:

Love machine means or is defined as a term used for people who can make love all the time without getting tired. Such a person has a very high appetite for making passionate love, and it works excellently when their partner has an equal amount of such passionate desires.

Love Interest:

Love interest means or is defined as a romantic inclination towards a specific person. It merely means that there are feelings of romantic love which may or may not be sexual in nature.

Love Shy:

Love-shy means or is defined as people who are extremely shy when it comes to expressing their love for their romantic interest. Such people experience extreme forms of anxiety and often find themselves unable to get intimate with anyone.

Love Vibes:

Love vibes means or is defined as vibrations that one feels when they are with someone they connect with at a much deeper level. Such people are more likely to develop chemistry and potentially have a lasting relationships.

Love Withdrawal:

Love withdrawal means or is defined as when a person starts withdrawing or backing out of feelings of love for someone. Such a situation occurs when there is a change of heart due to variations in feelings or some other external factors.

Love Zone:

Love zone means or is defined as a situation when it becomes tough to be just friends with someone one once loved. It becomes hard to forget or sidetrack romantic feelings and just have a platonic kind of relationship because that is not how one feels about that person.

Love Fool:

Love fool means or is defined as a person who knowingly allows feelings of romance even when it makes no sense and is contrary to common sense. Such people end up harming themselves just because of their affectionate nature and blind trust in their supposed lover.

Loving Someone:

Loving someone means or is defined as loving someone by profoundly caring for them. It involves a lot of adoration and affection for someone.

In Love:

In Love means or is defined as being genuinely in love with someone as opposed to just loving someone on the surface because it is a profound feeling which can not be easily dismissed. One may or may not want it, but it is often one of the most overwhelming experiences that one has ever felt in their life.

Love Of Life:

Love of life means or is defined as a person that holds the closest place in a person's heart with the most warm affection. Such a person can be a romantic lover or even a close family member, and the entire life of a person revolves around the love of their life.

I Love Love You:

I love love you means or is defined as a person who loves someone more than usual. It usually means that the person likes someone as a soulmate.

Secret Admirer:

Secret admirer means or is defined as someone who feels a high level of affection or adoration for another person without disclosing their identity to that someone. They usually engage in sending love letters or gifts to their crush, while still being secretive about their identity.

Types And Kinds Of Romance:

Romantic Person:

Romantic person means or is defined as a person who sees beauty and love in everything. It is a person who likes to love their partner wholeheartedly. They wish to express love with intense affection. They tend to make everything seem pleasant with their passion.

Romantic Relationship:

Romantic relationship means or is defined as an intimate relationship that is full of physical or emotional intimacy. Romantic relationships are mostly sexual relationships, but they sometimes are non-sexual relationships. Such a relationship plays a vital role in making our lives a pleasurable experience. We all have an inherent wish to love someone in an intimate relationship.

Romantic Hate:

Romantic hate means or is defined as a kind of hate that is defined as when you hate someone, but you still feel a romantic connection with them. You really hate someone, but you find it impossible to take your mind off of them.

Romantic Ambiguity:

Romantic ambiguity means or is defined as a kind of confusion that happens in certain relationships when one or both partners are clear about their feelings. Nobody knows where things stand, and there is chaos as everything is a hotchpotch.

Romantic Sarcasm:

Romantic sarcasm means or is defined as a sarcastic way of expressing love interest or affection towards someone. Such kind of dry sarcasm is not very well taken unless the two people are close enough to understand the real meaning behind such sarcastic remarks.

Romantic Friendship:

Romantic friendship means or is defined as a friendship in which two friends have romantic feelings towards each other. Such romantic feelings can be completely platonic and may not necessarily be sexual in nature.

Romantic Gesture:

Romantic gesture means or is defined as an expression usually expressed through body language or even touch. It includes things like winking, blushing, kissing, hugging, or any other action that is affectionate or romantic.

Romantic Fool:

Romantic fool means or is defined as a person who knowingly allows feelings of love even when it makes no sense and are contrary to common sense. Such people end up hurting themselves just because of their romantic nature and blind trust in their suppose to be lover.

Romantically Frustrated:

Romantically frustrated means or is defined as a frustrated person and stressed out because they are either single or they are not getting the attention that they expect from their partner. This may or may not include sexual frustration.

Romantically Challenged:

Romantically challenged means or is defined as a person who finds themselves unable to have feelings of romance or being romantic with their partner. It is often hard for such people to maintain a serious long-term relationship.

Romantic Interest:

Romantic interest means or is defined as someone who has a romantic inclination towards a specific person. It simply means that there are feelings of romance that may or may not be sexual in nature.

Romantic Nostalgia:

Romantic nostalgia means or is defined as a remembrance of a romantic or sexual event that happened in the past with a past or current partner. Such thoughts bring back old memories and can once again often invoke strong erotic desires.

Romantic Asylum:

Romantic asylum means or is defined as moving away from your current location to an unknown place just so that you can get away or escape from one of your lovers who are making your life more difficult. Such a person moves out just so that they can get a hold of their life and get a new perspective on their love life.

Romantic Success:

Romantic success means or is defined as a couple that is experiencing great success in their relationship or marriage. Such a situation is very desirable and is a sign of a long last romantic relationship.

Romantic Attraction:

Romantic attraction means or is defined as a keen interest in someone to form a potential romantic relationship. Such attraction leads to a desire to always want to be near their lover.


Limerence means or is defined as a state of mind that leads to obsessive thoughts and intense fantasies of continually wanting to be close to their lover. They also have a powerful desire to form and maintain a romantic relationship to get romantic with them with mutual feelings, which may or may not be sexual.


Romantic kiss means or is defined as the touching or lips of two individuals, which can be just a peck or a deep throat kiss. A kiss is used to express sentiments of love, romance, affection, passion, attraction, and sexual activity, to name a few.


Romantic hug means or is defined as a way to be intimate with a partner, and it can be something as simple as putting arms around the neck, back, or the waist of another person and holding each other tightly, to cuddle with each other. It often leads to more intimate romantic activities, such as kissing or making out.

Hugs And Kisses XOXO:

Hugs and kisses, often written as XOXO, means or is defined as a term that is used for expressing love, affection, feelings, emotions, or simply some kind of platonic friendship or relationship. It is used at the end of love notes, letters, emails, text messages, or greeting cards.
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