Vulnerable Love And Relationship Vulnerability

Vulnerable Love And Relationship Vulnerability Leads To A Sentimental Connection And An Emotional Bond That Can Potentially Put One In A Very Dangerous And Risky Position

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Vulnerable Love And Relationship Vulnerability:

Vulnerability is one of the essential elements of any healthy relationship. It is good to be independent and sovereign because those qualities help us handle bad times. But being too self-sufficient and self-reliant can prevent us from reaching the true potential of a romantic relationship. For an intimate and close relationship, some level of dependence on each other is very crucial because that gives rise to the feeling of being needed in a relationship. If you are totally independent, then your partner may think about why you even need their support.

Vulnerable Love Leads To Emotional Vulnerability:

Being vulnerable makes us become more open and expose our deep down emotions. So vulnerability is definitely risky and uncertain. But falling in love itself is dangerous. Love is the riskiest emotion as it’s a gamble. You can lose the love that you have at any moment. There are no guarantees in love. So if you are risking falling in love, then it’s better to take the full plunge by being vulnerable to your partner.

Vulnerable Love Comes With Both Pain And Pleasure:

Love is pain and pleasure both. Love is easily susceptible to misunderstandings and arguments. When we love, we are surrounded by weak and doubtful thoughts. It is advisable to trust each other and not allow any negative thoughts to enter a relationship. Love comes with hurt and disappointments. Such pain should be dismissed and not taken seriously. Don't believe everything you think.

Vulnerable Love Originates From The Fear Of Losing Someone:

Vulnerable love brings fear of losing the person or separation. When one is overly sensitive to emotions, one become susceptible to heartaches. Being vulnerable is both a blessing and a curse as it transforms a person to be healthier to bear the pain. When one falls in love, they have to accept the chances of vulnerable moments too along with it. Vulnerability usually brings two people closer after the initial revelations. Love is susceptible to corrupt influences. It is the duty of both partners not to allow any such negative impacts in a relationship.

Vulnerable Love Means being Vulnerable Or Dependent On Your Partner:

When you start depending on someone, things become painful when that support system is withdrawn. It may be hard to be vulnerable. It becomes even harder if you have had a few bad relationships. But you are forgetting that the main reason you are failing in relationships is that you never allowed yourself to be fully open towards your partner.

Vulnerable Love Has Some Great Advantages:

By not being weak in your relationship, you are not wholeheartedly in the relationship. Your fears of exposing your emotions are not letting you fully submerge in your relationship. You may very well be depriving yourself of a real feeling of love. Feelings that come out when you bring out the innermost part of your heart.

Vulnerable Love Comes From Our Own Fears And Lack Of Confidence:

The reason we hesitate to be vulnerable is because of our own fears and lack of confidence. We feel that the innermost part of our personality may not be acceptable to our partner. We may also think that keeping a safe distance will safeguard us from getting hurt. We may also be shameful of our inner thoughts. We are sometimes scared that our partner may walk out if we expose the dark side of our inner self. All these reasons are credible but baseless.

Vulnerable Love Does Not Mean That You Stop being Yourself:

If you genuinely want a long-lasting relationship, then you need to be yourself. It will almost be impossible for you to pretend to be someone else for an extended period, and even if you do that, you will be suffocating yourself. Most fears of vulnerability in a relationship are nothing more than our own fears. Just expose your emotions, and if your partner truly loves you, they will embrace you with all the good and bad things that are stored deep inside your heart.
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November 11 ,2022
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