What Boys Want Or Like In Girls

What Boys Or Guys Or Men Or Males Want Or Like In Girls Or Gals Or Women Or Females Romantically Or Sexually Or Emotionally Or Psychologically

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of What Boys Want Or Like In Girls:

If you are a woman and wondering what men want, then you are not the only one facing this dilemma. There is really no secret formula to knowing what's going on inside a man's mind. Most women go through with this dilemma, but in reality, men are incredibly simple beings. Most guys feel hesitant in saying what they want and what their needs are. Almost every guy feels somewhat shy in expressing their intimate or innermost feelings to their partner. The main reason for such hesitation is how society plays a role in framing men as non-emotional beings. But in reality, it is quite the opposite. Such misunderstandings may lead to serious conflicts, something that should not happen in any relationship. Men have needs, just like women do, and it is not all about sex, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Women try different things to get the attention of their men because most women don’t know what men really want from their women. What guys want in girls is relatively simple, and not too complicated. In most cases, it is the little things that make a big difference. Every person is different, and that is the case with every man too. While every man is different, some commonalities are found in most men. Most men want the same things from their partners, with just some minor differences. One could potentially make a long list of things that boys want in girls, but the following is the list of some of the most important things that guys want in girls. So if you are one of those girls who want to get their guy's attention, it would be worth your while to go through this list.

Following are just a few of the things that men want from their women but try not to ask for it:

Lots Of Spontaneous Passionate Love:

Everyone needs a little bit of love, and guys are no exception to that rule. It should not be all about receiving love; giving love to your guy is even more important. So, try to be more lovable to him by doing different things. If you love him enough, that love will find its way back to you in one way or the other. One of the unique ways to be lovable is by being spontaneous, and by doing things when your man least expects it. Spontaneity brings in a lot of excitement and fun with it. Just be passionate and show your man how much you love him because that is what boys want.

Feminine Personality And Be A Guy Friend:

Most guys like women who are feminine and more womanly. There are many ways to express your femininity, such as by the way you dress or carry yourself. Just being feminine can be a very attractive quality for most guys. All you have to do is flaunt the feminine side of yourself, and you will be sure to earn a few points with your guy. Though it is good to be feminine, it is equally important to be his best buddy. You can easily be his best friend by doing things he may like to do with his guy friends, such as going out for a beer or playing pool. Try to highlight the feminine side of you as well as be his best pal, and that is precisely what boys want.

Sensuality And Taking The Initiative To Make The First Move:

It is hard to talk about what guys want from their women without talking about sex. In fact, sex is on the top of the wish list of most guys when it comes to a romantic relationship. It is nearly impossible to please a guy if you can't please him sexually. If you are a woman, then you should already know how to make your guy happy in the bedroom. There are so many things that a girl can do to make his guy happy in bed looking at stuff like sexy lingerie to trying different positions to the public display of affection to having intimate hot make-out sessions. Guys also get insanely turned on when the girl makes the first move or at least takes the initiative to start romance because it makes the woman look bold and confident. Remember, guys don't ask for being sensual or sexy, but that is what boys want.

Appreciating And Complimenting:

There is no one in this world who does not like being appreciated or complimented. So, it is not a girl's thing, and guys love it when their girl enjoys or compliments them. This is perhaps the easiest way to make a guy happy, by saying a few good words about him. You can praise him for his good looks or his intelligence, or anything in between. It really does not matter what you praise him for as long as you say something positive about him that makes him feel good about himself. When you say good things about what your guy is doing, it will motivate him to do more of those good things, which is a good thing for both of you. This is one more natural way to make him happy by appreciating and complimenting him whenever appropriate, and that is what boys want.

Total Trust And Complete Respect:

Trust and respect are two of the most powerful traits that can solidify the relationship with your guy. When you trust and respect your guy, it works almost like a character certificate. It means that you think he is a great guy and that you can entirely rely upon him, no matter what comes your way. There is one more advantage when you trust and respect him, and you will automatically get trusted and respected in return. So, this is a win-win situation for both of you. If you can't trust or respect your guy, then that is a recipe for disaster because it may lead him to completely withdraw emotionally as well as physically. Also, keep in mind that trust and respect mean differently to both men and women, but the essence is the same. Doing small things such as being there for him when he needs you will increase his trust in you, and accepting his suggestions will show that you respect his opinion. Trust is a very precocious commodity, and that is what boys want.

Intelligence And Self Confidence:

It may come across as a surprise to some women, but guys like girls who are intelligent and confident about themselves. Speaking your mind when you have a strong opinion and standing up for yourself will make you look honest and a person with a strong character. Every confident person knows what they are worth, and that is what will help you make an impression in his mind. Please note that intelligence can be a massive turn-on for many guys; it will make them realize that you are a person with your own belief system that is independent of anyone else. Also, being able to carry as well as initiate intellectual conversations will make you look smart. A relationship becomes many-fold stronger when it has intimate as well as intelligent conversations, and that is what boys want.

Accepting Help Whenever Offered:

If you are a woman of substance, then you are obviously self-sufficient and self-independent, however, that should not prevent you from accepting help whenever you man offers. Human beings love the feeling of being needed by others, especially by their significant other. So, whenever your guy offers to help you, accept it graciously even if you don’t really need it. All he is trying to do is make you happy and make it easier for you, so never hurt his ego by refusing to take his help. Enjoy the pampering, and stop complaining. Moreover, if you refuse to accept his help, he is most likely not going to offer it again, even when you may need it. Always take advice whenever offered so that you make the other person want, and that is what boys want.

Personal Space And Self Independence:

Most men like some alone time when they can do their own things without much outside interruption and it has nothing to do with them wanting to be away from their girl; that is just how guys are. Likewise, guys like some buddy time, when they can hang with their guy friends, doing things they used to do when they were in school or college. All of these things should be perfectly acceptable to every woman. In fact, this is a good thing for women too, and it will give them time to do things they like to do on their own. Moreover, being constantly in each other's sight may make you feel suffocated, to say the least. The best relationships are ones in which two people grow together, yet independently. Most men like women who can give them their own space, and that is what boys want.

Looking Good And Maintaining A Good Figure:

It is no secret, and every woman already knows that she must look good and have a good figure if she wants to keep her guy impressed. Light makeup and styling your hair will surely get his attention, but don’t overdo it to the extent that you get obsessed over how you look. Try to look as natural as possible, while using makeup to enhance or highlight your good features. Smelling good by wearing exotic fragrances can also do the trick, certain scents are known to stimulate sexuality and attraction. It makes you almost irresistible, wanting him always to be close to you. Many women tend to overlook or ignore their bodies, making them go out of shape quickly. It is essential to maintain a sexy body by going to the gym regularly or doing yoga and workout. Almost every man can be easily impressed by good-looking women who have hot bodies because that is just one of the things that boys want.

Always Smiling And Laughing Out Loud:

Never underestimate the power of a bright smile and chirpier laughter, both of which can make a woman look far more appealing and attractive. It also demonstrates that you are happy and bubbly, making you more approachable and friendly. Wearing a good smile can send a ripple effect to the other person as it enhances your beauty. It also sets in a comfortable environment around you, making the other person feel more at ease. Of course, you must look genuine when you smile because faking a smile can be easily caught, and that can do more harm than good, so be careful about that. Adding a little bit of a sense of humor while smiling would act as a cherry on the cake as it is guaranteed to make your guy drool all over you. When a woman is smiling or laughing, it means she is having a good time with her guy, and that is what boys want.

Additional Tips:

Dressing up like a hot flight attendant and bringing him a glass of wine can never go wrong, it is a winner for everyone. Most men are known to be strong and bold, but that is not true when they are close to the woman they love. If he introduces you to his family and friend, it is a good sign that he genuinely wants you because such men are proud of you and are willing to be associated with you in public. If he makes sacrifices and takes time out for you, then it means he is committed and attracted to you. It does not take a genius to figure out to know what boys want; all you got to do is figure out what you are not doing and what you must do in order to win his heart.
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November 11 ,2022
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