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Commitment Issues And Fear Of Commitment

Commitment Issues And Fear Of Commitment Disorder Or Phobia Is The Biggest Obstacle In Committed Relationships

Commitment Issues And Fear Of Commitment

Commitment Issues And Fear Of Commitment Disorder Or Phobia Is The Biggest Obstacle In Committed Relationships

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Commitment Issues And Fear Of Commitment:

Commitment issues or fear of commitment is a term that is most often used in reference to romantic relationship or marriage. A person finds it hard or even impossible to commit to a person for a long term, committed exclusive relationship or marriage. Such a person may experience commitment issues in other areas of their life as well. There can be many reasons to be fearful about committing, such as childhood issues or the inability to give up their freedom of single-hood.

Fear Of Commitment Disorder:

Fear of commitment disorder is a kind of commitment disorder which is unknowingly avoiding long-term relationship or marriage due to fear. Such a situation can be often pervasive, affecting all parts of life, such as personal and professional life.

Afraid Of Making Commitment:

Being afraid of commitment is a kind of commitment disorder which is unknowingly avoiding long-term relationship or marriage because the person is scared of getting into an engagement. Such a situation can be often pervasive, affecting all parts of life, such as personal and professional life.

Commitment Phobia:

Commitment phobia is an intense form of fear of being committed in a romantic relationship, and there is a desire for being committed but a lack of ability to do so. The phobia can sometimes prevent a person from committing ever. Such a situation can be a nightmare for a person who is genuinely in love with someone who commits phobia. Commitment phobia can make a relationship a living hell and usually ends up in a traumatic breakup. A lot of people who have a commitment phobia someone find themselves in a long term relationship without meaning to be in one.

Avoiding Commitment Does Not Necessarily Mean Commitment Issues:

Simply preferring to be in short-term relationships does not necessarily mean that a person has a commitment issue. Such individuals simply prefer to be in stress-free connections, or they may find getting bored being with the same person for too long. There can be many other reasons for a person not committing to someone in a relationship. So it is not a good idea to assume that all people who avoid committed relationships have commitment issues because there may be other reasons for them not committing to someone. Not to mention, a lot of people in a long-term romantic relationship still engage in casual sexual encounters that are outside of the committed relationship, in which case it amounts to cheating.

Forced Commitment Can Be Really Bad:

Commitment is a dedication or obligation that commits a particular person to someone, which may be willingly or unwillingly. People suffering from commitment issues may first force themselves to agree to be in a long-term relationship, but then begin to slowly back out from the relationship a few days or weeks or even months later. Some other people may end one committed relationship to start another without understanding why they are behaving in such a haphazard manner. A lot of such people, if pressed too hard for a commitment, may abandon the relationship instead of making any commitment. They may even be emotionally blackmailed into agreeing to a commitment and then withdrawing quickly after that. It is always better not to commit than to untruthfully commit or mislead a person by making them believe in a real commitment.

Commitment Issues Leads To Other Types Of Relationships:

Most people suffering from commitment issues tend to avoid long-term relationships altogether. They may instead decide to go for one of the relationship types that does not need any commitment, such as friends with benefits relationship, or no string attached relationship, or one night stands, or other forms of short-term casual relationships.

Both Males And Females Are Equal Candidates For Having Commitment Issues:

It is a massive misconception that males are more likely to have commitment issues or to refuse to be in a committed relationship. The trust is that almost anyone can suffer from commitment issues, and there is no clear evidence that suggests that men are more likely than women to experience commitment issues.

Having Commitment Issues In Commitment Relationships:

Individuals already in a committed relationship may still experience commitment issues at a later stage. People who have serious commitment issues, commitment phobia, fear of commitment usually have problems staying in a relationship for too long. In a romantic relationship, commitment issues may prevent one or both partners to dismiss the opportunity to pursue a long term relationship, such as living together or staying married. Most people who suffer from fear committing to a long-term romantic relationship may wish a have a steady partner but still finds difficulty with the thought of such a commitment.

Reasons For Commitment Issues:

There can be many causes of commitment issues such as early childhood trauma or some other events in life. Other factors that may play a part in a person’s fear of commitment include things like parental divorce or other family issues.

Overcoming Commitment Issues:

The fear of commitment can be overcome by being open to positive change and wanting to enjoy the pleasures that come with being in a committed relationship.
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November 16 ,2019

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