Meaning And Definition Of Relationship And Commitment

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Relationship:

Relationship means a love and romantic connection between two individuals, which blends two souls into one, joining two halves into one whole, via amalgamation of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bonding or connection between two people, and is based purely upon true love, affection, care, trust, respect, and jointly shared values, with common and mutual goals or objectives in life. A relationship between two people is like a tie or a bond between them that keeps them together.

A personal relationship is a way in which two people are connected or involved or linked or associated with each other. It can be a romantic relationship, or sexual relationship, or a combination of both. A personal relationship is one of the most desirable and fulfilling virtues of all. It leads to a good sense of openness and communication, as well as safety and security.

A genuine relationship is one in which the final goals of both people is to strengthen the bond between themselves. It is when the ultimate objective is to stay together for a long time as a couple with or without wedlock.

A relationship is an intimate bonding or union between two people that have specific things in common, such as likes and dislikes, or hobbies and interests. Being in a relationship is not an easy task, and maintaining it can be even ten folds more difficult. Prior to entering into a relationship, both people must get to know each other. Doing so would eliminate a lot of problems that could potentially pop up later in the relationship.

A romantic relationship is one in which both people have an emotional feeling of togetherness for one another. Both partners need to accept one another just the way they are, instead of trying to change each other. They should feel good when they spend time together. They should be a good match and a good fit for each other, based on their personality, thoughts, beliefs, values, life goals, etc.

One of the ways most couples express their love for each other is through fulfilling each other's sexual desires, along with emotional support. Sex is the single most crucial element that Differentiates a romantic relationship from all different types of relationships.

What Is Meaning And Definition Of Commitment:

Commitment is the foundation as well as the outcome of being in a romantic relationship, when both partners decide to give their affiliation a meaningful status, agreeing to be loyal and honest with each other, pledging not to see other suitors or matches, bringing assurance, promising each other of unconditional love and support, and thereby legitimizing the validity of their relationship. A commitment between two people is like a vow, promise, pledge, guarantee, undertaking, or responsibility.

A commitment is an act of being in a relationship that is official and public. It is like giving oneself in a relationship wholeheartedly and making a formal announcement of a relationship. It is like giving respect to a relationship by making it legitimate in the eyes of society. It means to support each other in every way, be it emotional or financial or social. It can be looked upon as a relationship personified.

Commitment in an intimate relationship is a bond or pledge or moral promise or responsibility or duty or dedication or obligation or vow that two people have accepted to be faithful to each other.

The commitment can be between two people who are married to each other or are just in a long term relationship. Commitment is one word that transforms promises into reality because actions speak louder than words.
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November 15 ,2020
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