Honeymoon Phase Or Honeymoon Period

Honeymoon Phase Or Honeymoon Period In Relationship Or After The Initial Attraction Is Over Then The Reality Kicks In

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Honeymoon Phase Or Honeymoon Period:

Every romantic relationship starts with an attraction, which leads to instant sparks, which can also be called the honeymoon phase. This is the phase that happens at the beginning of any relationship. This is the time when everything is hot and exciting. When you smile for no reason. When you feel you are on cloud nine. This is perhaps the most exciting time of any relationship.

It Is Hard To Sustain The Honeymoon Phase For Too Long:

Nothing can stay the same forever. It is challenging to sustain those powerful feelings indefinitely. So things take a turn once the initial romance or honeymoon is over. How you handle things after the sparks calm down is very important. Firstly, it’s essential to realize that you are in the honeymoon phase and that it can’t last forever, at least not with the same intensity. If you can do that much, you have won half the battle.

After The Honeymoon Phase:

Most people confuse the initial honeymoon stage with long sustainable love. They think once the infatuation is over, they are no longer in love. This is a big mistake. Contrary to popular belief, love happens after the initial attraction is over. Think of real love as one of the main byproducts of infatuation. What you feel during the first phase of your relationship can never be true love. Love takes time to happen. You may think it can happen in a spur of a moment, but it can’t. All romantic relationships start with infatuation and attraction.

What Happens When The Honeymoon Phase Is Over:

After the infatuation or the honeymoon is over, reality begins to set in. The best indicator of knowing when the obsession is over by noticing the time when you no longer crave for each other or can’t keep your hands off of each other the entire time. You may also know that the infatuation is over when you have your first significant argument or when you begin to observe the negative traits in your partner. In the initial stage, you are love birds, and nothing bothers you, no matter how big of a deal it may be. All this is normal, and every relationship goes through this phase.

When The Honeymoon Phase Ends:

The real deal sets in when the high voltage romance takes a backseat. After the initial honeymoon phase of great sex, talking endlessly, and laughing without reason, comes the reality. This is where the real relationship starts and when you can see if there is actual compatibility that goes beyond great sex and common traits. This is when you can expect to see the real person with whom you can share your deepest darkest secrets. During this phase, the real you comes out of the closet. The is a person who is not scared to say whatever is inside them.

Signs That The Honeymoon Phase Is Over:

It’s always better to get over the initial stage of the honeymoon so that you can see what’s really inside it. Let’s say you are a gadget freak, and you buy something cool. You will be obsessed with it during the first few days, but if you still use it after that initial stage would determine the actual utility of that gadget. This is human psychology, and it happens with everything. Whenever we get something new, we get excited, but it’s often difficult to maintain the same level of excitement forever.

How To Revisit The Honeymoon Phase:

Realize that the preliminary sparks will get over at some point. But never let them go away completely. It’s okay if you no longer feel that same powerful magic that once existed in the first few days as long as you can still keep it at a reasonable level. Accept that things are bound to sober down at some point.

It Is Possible To Keep The Honeymoon Phase Or Honeymoon Period Always Alive:

It doesn’t mean that you should let romance go out the window. That would be a big mistake. The pace or intensity may decrease, but it should still be at a level that keeps your interest in each other. Physical intimacy is one of the most critical elements in any romantic relationship, and it should always be alive, even if it is not the same as it was during your first night together.
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November 15 ,2020
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