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Independence In Relationship

Independence And Autonomy In Relationships Are Key And Fundamental In Any Kind Of Romantic Relationship

Independence In Relationship

Independence And Autonomy In Relationships Are Key And Fundamental In Any Kind Of Romantic Relationship

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When we get into a long term romantic relationship, our partner’s happiness takes precedence over our own. Our priorities change from our own wellbeing to our partner’s. After all, a relationship is a union of two souls. That is why we call it soul mates.

All this is great but there is a small caveat. We somehow get lost in our love so much that we tend to lose ourselves as an individual. We forget other areas of our lives that give us meaning and fulfillment. At some point, we completely become dependent on our partner for everything. We even lose the purpose of our life as a person. All these things are extremely dangerous and unhealthy. If you lose your partner due to any reasons, your life will almost get crippled. This is why it is so important to have independence and autonomy in a relationship.

You should bond with your partner and make a life together, but at the same time, you should not forgo your own independence. We all know that trust, honesty, faithfulness, loyalty, and connection are some of the most important traits of a solid relationship. What we forget is that independence in relationship is equally important and often ignored. It is important to have a good relationship with ourselves before we can shower our love to others.

It is crucial that you feel independent and content with yourself. If you are happy with yourself, you will be more likely to share that happiness with others. If you know how to make yourself happy, you can apply the same methods for others to keep them happy as well. Your inner positivity and happiness will automatically seep into your relationship.

When we look inside ourselves as an independent person and do the things that makes us happy, it will keep our relationship thriving. Exploring your hobbies and interests will keep the person alive in you. Trying new things alone will boost your confidence. It will make you realize your self-worth and boost you confidence in yourself. All these are positive things which will help you make your partner happier.

When two independent strong energies combine, they become twice as much powerful than if they both were dependent on each other. If you and your partner are both independent by focusing on your individual professional and personal lives, you become more wholesome. When you combine two whole, you make a bigger wholesomeness. If you grow yourself as a person, you can make the same growth in your relationship as well.

When we become more independent, we become less dependent on others. One of the major source of sadness is when we are let down by someone we love. When we don’t get what we expect our partner, we feel disappointed. The best cure to this problem is increase our independence and decrease our dependence or expectations on others. Become self-reliant with almost no expectations. When you feel independent, you won’t need your partner for happiness or even to get through the hurdles of life. At this point, having your partner would become more of a bonus rather than a necessity.

The most important thing is that we should make our individuality and make our core strong. No one should be able to break or enter our true inner self. This is the true you and no one should be able to alter it. It is paramount to love ourselves before we can shower the same onto others. It is not possible for us to give others what we don’t have and what we can’t give to ourselves. Love should start inwards first, then outwards.
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June 29 ,2019

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