Intimate Or Intimacy Meaning In Relationship

Intimate Or Intimacy Meaning In Relationship Or Marriage Is Paramount And Vital As It Keeps Things Passionate And Interesting

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Intimate Or Intimacy Meaning In Relationship Or Marriage:

Every romantic relationship or marriage needs intimacy. Your relationship will erode slowly if there is a lack of intimacy. It will die its own death. In fact, intimacy is one of the perquisites for having a relationship. There is no meaning of having a relationship without any intimacy or closeness. Romance is the single most important things that differentiate a romantic relationship with other relationships that we have with our coworkers or neighbors.

Intimacy Creates A Strong Bond In A Relationship:

It is almost impossible to have a lasting relationship without intimacy. Intimacy creates a bond between two people. Without intimacy, there is no bond and hence nothing to hold on to. That means there is no chemistry or connection in the relationship. Just like a car’s engine needs oil to function, every relationship needs intimacy for it to be a well-oiled machine of love.

Physical And Emotional Intimacy Are Equally Important In Any Relationship:

It is essential for intimacy to be at both a physical as well an emotional level. Both types of affections are needed for a relationship to be stable. It’s not possible to create a deep physical intimacy without emotional intimacy. By the same token, it’s hard to have meaningful emotional intimacy without physical intimacy. Both are part and parcel of the same thing. There has to be a right balance between the two.

There Has To Be Equal Need For Intimacy By Both Partners In A Relationship:

Most relationships wither out when both partners give different priorities to physical and emotional intimacy. One partner may need more of one type of intimacy than the other. This can lead to a serious imbalance in the expectation of intimacy from each other. They both feel their intimacy needs are not adequately fulfilled. The worst is that they don’t even realize what the heck is wrong until they have an honest conversation.

Intimacy Can Come In Many Forms In A Relationship:

All human beings have an inherent need for intimacy. They mostly seek intimacy from their partner. Just simple gestures and actions such as hugs and kisses can bring a couple closer. Merely looking into each other’s eyes from a distant and smiling at each other means there is intimacy.

Intimacy Bring Love And Affection In A Relationship:

With intimacy in a relationship comes safety and security. It also reassures both partners that there are love and affection for one another. Intimacy also brings support and trust. It reaffirms both partners that they will be there for each other regardless of circumstances.

It is Absolutely Imperative To Keep Intimacy Alive In A Relationship:

Once intimacy is lost in a relationship, it is challenging to regain it. It is one of those things, either it’s there, or it’s not there. That’s why it is so important to keep intimacy levels always high so that there are no breaks in between. In fact, if there is true love, intimacy happens automatically and effortlessly.

Intimacy Is Needed In All Phases Of A Relationship:

Most couples have intimacy during the first phase of their relationship. What they forget to remember is that a relationship needs as much intimacy later as the early few days. Intimacy should be constant in a relationship, not a variable. This constant should keep on increasing, or at least be steady, for a relationship to survive in the long haul. It would be a big mistake to let intimacy levels go down with time in a relationship.

Intimacy Is The Basic Foundation Of Any Relationship:

Always remember that intimacy is the basic foundation of any relationship. Its importance can’t be overemphasized. It is a primary ingredient for a relationship to survive. Every person craves to be close to someone they love. Intimacy is the most fundamental need of every human being ever since they come into the world as a small child. They first seek intimacy with their parents and then with their love when they grow up. So the need for intimacy is inbuilt in us, it’s part of who we are. Even animals recognize this need. Make sure your relationship is always filled with intimacy, now and forever.
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November 15 ,2020
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