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Open Communication In Relationship

Open Communication In Relationship Or Marriage Is One Of The Most Important Elements For Success Of Any Relationship

Open Communication In Relationship

Open Communication In Relationship Or Marriage Is One Of The Most Important Elements For Success Of Any Relationship

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Open Communication In Relationship:

A romantic relationship or marriage between two individuals should be based upon open and fluid communication. There should be no vacuum or isolation at any time. It is communication that binds two people together. It is a skill that can be learned and improved upon if needed and is not something that can’t be mastered.

Good Communication Is The Key For Success In Romantic Relationship

Most people confuse communication in a relationship with talking. Just talking daily to your partner about the usual routine doesn’t contribute towards the discussion. Communication is talking about the important stuff, the things that make a difference. The most common phrase is that communication is the key to a relationship. It either makes or breaks a relationship. Without communication, there is no relationship.

First Listen Then Speak:

When having communication in your relationship, the most important this is to shut up and listen. Let the other person say what they have to say before you put forth your point of view. As hard as it may be, leave aside your opinion and listen by being in the other person’s shoes. Then see if they have a valid point before you introduce your argument. You will be surprised how valid this suggestion can be in having meaningful communication with your partner.

Honest Communication Is Paramount In Any Relationship:

It is worth noting that communication is about always being honest and open about your thoughts with your partner. Pour your heart out if you have to. Be completely transparent about how you feel and what you have to say. Never pretend that everything is fine when it’s not. Open your heart and tell everything that’s inside you. Holding even little things back can lead to a bigger disaster down the road.

Say It Like You Mean It:

Very few people know and understand that communication in a relationship is not just about what you are saying. It is also about how you are saying. Make your partner hear what you and also what you don’t say. This is where the importance of body language comes in. Also, the pitch of your tone and the look on your face makes a huge difference. Eyes have the ability to communicate better than words. All these non-verbal signals are significant while communicating. Always maintain a friendliness or at least a neutrality while talking.

Focus And Stay On Message:

Always stay focused on the topic at large while having communication with your partner in your relationship. If you mix ten other things that may be upsetting you, it will get impossible to sort anything out. Most of us make the mistake of bringing other past issues into our current arguments. Never do that, just resolve the current issue and set aside another time for other matters. It is easier to deal with one issue at a time than ten issues at the same time.

Never Get Into Endless Arguments:

Never get carried away with your emotions when talking about any critical issue. Don’t make your arguments a winning game either. Sometimes it’s essential to accept your mistake even when it’s not just to cool things down. Don’t take pleasure in winning argument, instead try to share the credit with your partner. Also, take things lightly and splash some humor if possible.

Communication Is An Art That Everyone Must Master To Excel In Any Relationship:

Communication in a relationship is an art that everyone must master. Give your partner your undivided attention. Never give them the silent treatment. Learn to agree to disagree sometimes. Know that no one is right, and no one is wrong, it’s all about perspective. Just make sure you open all sources of communication, both face to face and other electronic modes of communication. All it takes is one person to take the initiative, and others will have to follow.

Having Conversations Is An Essential Part In Every Relationship:

A romantic relationship between two very different individuals becomes a lot more personal, where there are lots of conversations in it. We all know that conversing in a relationship is the key to its success and longevity. Sometimes we lose that key. The reality is that it’s sitting right there in front of you, and all you have to turn is around to open the doors of meaningful conversations.

Talking Frequently Is An Integral Part In Any Relationship:

It is important to note that conversing in a relationship is not just about expressing yourself to your partner. It is also about hearing what your partner has to say. It is a two-way street. Just saying what you have to say and not listening to the other person is always unhealthy. In fact, make it a point first to listen and then speak.

Say Whatever You Want In Clear And Concise Words:

Some people don’t fully realize the importance of having meaningful conversations in their relationship. They somehow assume and expect that their partner can read their minds. You may be making things obvious without spelling the words. But it is essential to put your thoughts across in words, not just mere gestures. The chances are that your partner doesn’t know what’s in your mind. So it becomes taking the guesswork out and saying things in clear and direct words.

Try To Be Honest To Your Partner:

Always be honest and truthful while having a conversation in your relationship. Never say things that you don’t mean just to please your partner. No matter how harsh the truth may be, don’t be afraid to say it. Even if you hide things, it will eventually come out at a later stage. It’s best to resolve such unpleasant things by talking before they turn into a much bigger issue.

Choose The Right Kind Of word:

Most people are afraid to reveal the ugly part while having a conversation in their relationship; they get so scared of the backlash. A good idea would be to either sugarcoat a lousy idea of stuff it inside some other discussions. Having a bitter cough syrup by itself may taste awful, but it would become much easier to have it with candy. So be smart in how and when you talk about anything that is not very desirable.

Talk Face To Face Instead Of Texting:

Some people make the mistake of using electronic media to converse about intricate topics. It may be easy to say difficult things through texts, but it is virtually impossible to transpire true feelings regardless of the emoticons. It may actually give birth to miscommunication. Sometimes it becomes essential to see the body language and hear the tone of their voice to understand the matter. So leave vital things for face to face talks.

Listen Actively By Lending Both Your Ears:

Always indulge in active listening by lending them both your ears, not just one. Give them your nods when needed. Another good suggestion that may help you in conversing with your partner is using we instead of I. It will make your partner feel that you both are in it together, and it will also promote a feeling of team effort and shared responsibility.

Converse Effortlessly And Naturally:

Conversation in a relationship should occur naturally and effortlessly. Conversing comprises of what you say with words and what you say with your actions. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Words and actions should both be in sync. Merely saying things with words when your actions don’t match is even worse. It becomes crucial to revalidate your words with your actions. Remember that everything speaks in a relationship, your words, your actions, your body language, your eyes, and even your silence.
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November 16 ,2019

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