Love Hate Relationship Or Push Pull Relationship

Love Hate Relationship Or Push Pull Relationship Or On Off Relationship Or On Again Off Again Relationship Or Marriage Has A Lot Of Mixed Emotions With Frequent Extreme Highs And Lows Of Love And Hate

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Love Hate Relationship Or Push Pull Relationship Or On Off Relationship Or On Again Off Again Relationship Or Marriage:

Love-hate or push-pull relationship or marriage is a relationship in which feelings between two partners frequently change between love and hate, resulting in a push and pull at the same time or at alternate times. Deep down in their hearts, they both love each other, but they have different ways of expressing love for each other. One moment they are totally in love with each other to the extent that they can’t live without each other. Then the next moment, they hate each other to the extent that they can’t even stand each other. It usually involves experiencing simultaneous or cyclical emotions of love and hate or push and pull happening at the same time or in alternate patterns. It is more common when emotions from sides are very intense.

Why Love And Hate Happen Together In A Relationship:

Such a situation typically arises when there is a feeling of love and hate that exists together at the same time. At one time, you care deeply about a person and like being around the person, but at other times, you find it almost impossible to tolerate that person. Such type of dichotomous feelings can make the emotions and feelings swing from one extreme to the other. On some occasions, you feel like you are on top of the world being entirely happy and satisfied, and at other times, you feel suffocated being with that person.

The Highs And Lows Of Love And Hate:

Such types of relationships are full of sudden emotional ups and downs, many of which happen almost simultaneously several times a day. Many partners feel that such drastic ups and downs are regular and are not a cause for concern. Virtually all personal relationship has some highs and lows related to arguments or disagreements to a certain level. So, to some extent, all that can be a healthy way to disagree with one another. However, a love-hate relationship has serious and constant issues between two conflicting personalities leading to fights that have no resolutions.

When Love And Hate Get Mixed Together:

If being in a relationship with someone starts to feel like being on a roller coaster ride, it means you are in a love-hate relationship. Such kinds of extreme feelings are not healthy, and one must either fix things or get out of such a relationship. Both partners individually may be great people, but together they are like fuel to the fire. There may be things that you love about your partner, but there are other things that you make you throw up. This is when you start thinking about why the hell you are even in a relationship with such a person.

When Love Supersedes Hate:

When the degree of love between two partners is much higher than the things that they hate about each other, then it is worth working things out. It is hard to fall in love, and if you feel your love is genuine and workable, look for a middle ground or ways to make things work. The sum total of the benefits of staying in the relationship must be far greater than ending it. If you are going to be more miserable without being in your relationship, then it makes no sense to come out of it. So, all you need to do so cost-benefit analysis.

When Hate Supersedes Love:

When the level of hate between two partners is a lot more than the love that they have for each other, then it may be time to call it quits. In other words, the intensity of frustration is much higher than the happiness that you derive from being in the relationship. All this calls for some careful evaluation and revaluation to be sure that what you are thinking is, in fact, correct. If things are draining you out and making your life miserable, then it may be a wise decision to consider breaking up.

Reasons For Loving And Hating At The Same Time:

There are reasons for everything that happens, and this is no exception. There are specific reasons why you are experiencing love and hate at the same time with the same person. Finding out those reasons would be like winning half the battle. Sometimes fixing something becomes far more natural once you figure out what’s broken.

Fixing Love Hate Or Push Pull Relationship:

Love and hate kind of opposite forces that can be fixed if both partners are willing to give it a serious try. Try to be emotionally more balanced than going to either extreme of love or hate. Find out if your feelings are sole or mutual. Always keep the communication door open and engage in meaningful conversations to find a solution. See if you both are equally willing to fix the toxicity in your relationship. Make a list of changes that you both have to make. Talk to someone who knows both of you quite well or hire a professional therapist. Take some time out from each other and then again try to reconnect with a fresh slate of mind. Spending time apart will enlighten you with a new perspective if your lives are better being together or apart. The best way to amend things in any relationship is by expressing love and sharing feelings.
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November 11 ,2022
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