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Male Led Relationship

Male Led Relationships Are Mainly Controlled And Dominated By The Male Partner

Male Led Relationship

Male Led Relationships Are Mainly Controlled And Dominated By The Male Partner

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Male led relationships are relationships that are mainly controlled by the male partner. This has been the custom since the beginning of the civilization. Things however have been changing in the last century. Different people argue for and against the male led relationship. Regardless of who wins this argument, the phenomenon is not going away anytime soon.

There has psychological and physiological evidence which proves that male led relationships work better in most cases. There are ample studies conducted and all had almost the same results. Relationships are more lucid when the man is in charge. This in no way means the male tries to take advantage of the female partner. It just means that the man takes the driver’s seat and calls the shots for the overall benefit of the relationship.

The main reason why male led relationships are more natural is because most females get attracted to male dominance. Women are always known to get attracted toward men who are masculine and strong. So here a very natural need of females is met almost automatically. For women it’s sexy for a man to take charge and be their captain. In fact, most women would openly admit to this.

Unfortunate, the reverse situation would almost never work under any circumstances. There would be hardly any woman who may want to be with a man who is not really a man. Men of course wouldn’t even dream of playing the opposite role. In other words, it would be a highly disproportionate relationship if things were reversed.

The main reason why male led relationships are more stable is because men by birth are more instinctive to provide safety and protection. Men are known to safeguard themselves and their loved ones. They would do anything including risking their life to save people who matters most to them. This in fact is one quality that most women look for in men.

Unfortunately, the reverse situation would almost never be workable. No woman can provide the kind of safety and protection than a man can, and in fact, a woman would not even risk her life even to save the man she loves so much. Men of course can’t even image being on the other side of the isle. In other words, it would be a totally dysfunctional relationship if things were reversed.

Men are also known to take decisions that would attribute towards the overall wellbeing of everyone. Hence, whatever they do will ultimately benefit the relationship. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. If a woman were to take charge, most of the decisions she makes would benefit her more than the relationship. It’s not because she is selfish but because that’s just how women work.

The biggest proof of everything stated above is that a vast majority of females are homemakers. Very few women want to leave their homes and become the provider. In fact, most women prefer to stay at home while their spouse go out to work. Things are of course changing and have already changed a lot but most households are still run by men. Hence, male led relationships are more common and successful even in today’s changed world just because some things work better the way it was intended by the law of nature.
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June 29 ,2019

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