Unhappy Relationship And Unhappy Marriage

Unhappy Relationship And Unhappy Marriage Are Unsatisfying And Unfulfilling As It Defeats The Very Purpose Of Being In A Relationship Or Marriage

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Unhappy Relationship And Unhappy Marriage:

The main underlying reason for being in a romantic relationship or marriage is to be happy. Not just content, but more comfortable than being alone or with someone else. A relationship is entirely predictable, and it’s not hard to know if you are happy or unhappy being in it. One can quickly see the happiness or unhappiness from just your facial expressions and body language. An unhappy relationship is counterintuitive. It defeats the primary reason to be in a relationship. It is a complete waste of time and energy to remain in an unhappy relationship.

Signs Of Unhappy Relationship And Unhappy Marriage:

Following are some of the signs of an unhappy relationship.

There is no emotional connection or dependence in your relationship. You feel more comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts with your coworker than with your spouse.

There are no complains or demands in your relationship. You lose motivation or even the desire to get what you want to feel better.

Some needs are not being satisfied or met in your relationship. You have to either satisfy yourself or turn on to others to get what you need, both emotionally as well as in other ways.

There are romantic and sexual needs that are unfulfilled in your relationship. You have to either deprive yourself or feel frustrated all the time.

There is very little communication in your relationship. You only talk to each other when there is some need and not because you enjoy talking to each other.

There is too much autonomy or independence in your relationship. You both lead independent lives, and there is hardly any dependence or need for each other.

There is too much ego in your relationship. You feel one is superior to the other and do things to satisfy your self-esteem and ego.

There are no common goals in your relationship. You both find yourself going in different directions with different paths in your lives, and there are no commonalities.

There is a lot of blame game in your relationship. You always find each other pointing fingers at each other and often making each other guilty or responsible whenever something terrible happens.

There is not enough passion in your relationship. You often find yourself lusting or fantasizing about others and can’t stop thinking of being with them as they make you feel so good.

There are always multiple reasons for being happy or unhappy in a relationship. Unhappiness in a relationship is a slow process. It is a gradual accumulation of many negative things. The worst mistake is to allow this pile to become more prominent. What first started as a mole could one day become a mountain of problems. Ignorance is not the name of the game; taking corrective measures is. If you don’t take charge of the situation, you may slowly be approaching an end to your beautiful relationship. So try to fix things before they blow out of proportion and take charge of your relationship. There are many ways to have an unhappy relationship. It won’t take too long for an unhappy relationship to slowly turn into a toxic relationship which is the end of everything you have worked so hard to build over the years.
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November 11 ,2022
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