Agender Genderless Meaning Definition

“Agender” is also sometimes referred to as “Genderless or Gendervoid or Genderfree or Ungendered” as a synonym, or “A-Gender” with a hyphen, as some other forms

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Agender / Genderless / / Gendervoid / Genderfree / Ungendered:

The term “agender” is derived from “a,” which means “nonexistent,” and “gender,” which means “related to gender,” hence, “a-gender” literally means “someone who experiences no gender at all and feels like genderless.”

The term “agender” is used to describe a person with no, or very little, connection to the traditional system of gender identity, no personal alignment with the concepts of either man or woman, and, or someone who sees themselves as someone without any gender.

Agender or being genderless is the state of having no gender identity, neither male nor female, regardless of physical sex, but they may choose the gender that they think they resemble or relate to the most. Genderless should not be confused with sex, genderless means neither a man nor a woman, and sex is classified as a male or a female.

Agender people do not identify with any gender as they see themselves as being neither men nor women for all practical purposes, and it includes many different genders of people who commonly do not have a gender or have a gender that they describe as neutral. Although agender people have no gender, they still have a gender identity, which is agender, and also have a sexual identity.

The concept of agender is predominantly in contrast to the cisgender people, who identify their sex as the one that they were born with. And transgender people who identify as specific sex other than the one with which they were born.

Agendered people may or may not experience body dysphoria, and may or may not seek access to various forms of body modification such as hormones, surgery, etc. Most agender people tend to prefer gender-neutral pronouns such as "they" and "them," while others prefer new pronouns such as "xim" or "her," and usually prefer to be called "neutrois" instead of a "man" or "woman."

Agender is sometimes called non-gendered, ungendered, gendervoid, genderless, genderblank, genderfree. Genderist is a person who adheres to genderism, the one who discriminates or has a prejudice based on gender.
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November 11 ,2022
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