Fluidflux Fluxfluid Meaning Definition

“Fluidflux” is also sometimes referred to as “Fluid or Flux” in short, or “Fluxfluid” as a synonym, or “Fluid-Flux” with a hyphen, or “Fluid Flux” with a space, as some other forms

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Fluidflux / Fluxfluid:

The term “fluidflux” is derived from “fluid,” which means “fluidity,” and “flux,” which means “fluctuating,” hence, “fluidflux” literally means “feeling of a fluctuating or fluid gender type.”

The term “fluidflux” is a gender identity that has the feeling of being fluid between two or more genders that also fluctuates in levels, making it a perfect combination of genderfluid and genderflux at the same time.

Fluidflux is also known as fluxfluid, fliux, fluix, or fenderfliux.

Fluidflux person’s gender changes while also varying in intensity.

A person’s gender fluctuates between feeling completely gendered and feeling partially gendered or without any gender at all, where the gendered feeling is fluid.

For instance, a person could feel like a demigirl, then their gender fluctuates to agender, then to a paraboy.

Fluidflux can also be felt in the same way as a multigender identity, where a person could feel multiple genders at the same time, but have only one part of that combination that fluctuates.

For instance, a person could feel both male and female at the time, but only the female part fluctuates.
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November 11 ,2022
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