Gynosexual Gynephilia Meaning Definition

“Gynosexual” is also sometimes referred to as “Gyno” in short, or “Gynephilia” as a synonym, or “Gyno-Sexual” with a hyphen, or “Gyno Sexual” with a space, as some other forms.

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Gynosexual / Gynephilia / Gynesexuality / Gynephilic:

The term “gynosexual” is derived from “gyno,” which means “female,” and “sexual,” which means “related to sex,” hence, “gyno-sexual” literally means “sexual attraction or interest in women.”

The term “gynosexual” or “gynephilia” or “gynosexuality” or “gynephilic” is used to describe people who experience sexual and romantic as well as emotional and aesthetic attraction towards feminine gender presentation, females, women, femininity, or those with feminine characteristics, regardless of gender.

Since gynesexuality or gynephilia is defined as attraction to women, female, or femininity, a heterosexual man and homosexual woman are both gynephillic as they are both sexually interested in females. Gynosexual purposely and intentionally includes attraction to those who identify themselves as women, female, or feminine, regardless of biology, anatomy, or sex assigned at birth, and it is generally used by non-binary gender identity or gender-queer individuals who do not fall within the parameters of heterosexuality or homosexuality.

It needs to be noted that gynecophilia is not necessarily an attraction towards females, it's just an attraction towards femininity, which can be present in both in women and in feminine-looking men who dresses as a woman. In other words, gynosexuality is the attraction to the woman gender, instead of the female sex.

Hence, people of any gender, or sex, can be gynesexual, meaning, straight men, as well as lesbians, and non-binary people can be gynesexuals. Such a situation means that gynesexuals are capable of being attracted to anyone whose gender identity is a woman, which includes trans women and cis women.

Gynosexual should not be confused with femmesexual or femsexual, which is the attraction to the feminine gender expression, instead of the female gender identity; however, one can be both gynesexual, and femmesexual or femsexual, at the same time.
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November 15 ,2020
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