Intimate Sex And Emotional Sex

Intimate Sex And Emotional Sex Is The Best Way To Make Love Instead Of Just Having Sex, By Maximizing Feelings And Closeness Between Two Romantic Lovers Or Sexual Partners

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Intimate Sex And Emotional Sex:

When two people indulge in sexual activity mainly because they have emotions and feeling for each other in their hearts instead of just lust feelings, it is called intimate sex or emotional sex.

Such sex is aroused by exhibiting emotions where a mental connection is more important than the physical one, making sex a much more satisfying and fulfilling activity.

When people who are in love with each other have sex because of feelings and attachment toward each other, it can be far more exciting and enjoyable for both partners.

Emotional bonding between two people is the deepest bonding in the world, and when two people have physical intimacy, it becomes very intense, pure, and blissful.

Sex with lots of feelings and emotions makes it many folds more enjoyable and pleasurable because it can lead to a very deep connection, something that is not possible to achieve without profound feelings for, and attachment with, one another.
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November 11 ,2022
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