Pillow Princess Or Pillow Queen Meaning Definition

Pillow Princess Or Pillow Queen Means Or Defined As A Woman Who Loves To Receive Sexual Pleasures In Starfish Position From Her Partner Without Wanting To Reciprocate The Same Gesture

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Pillow Princess or Pillow Queen:

A pillow princess or pillow queen usually refers to a woman who loves to receive oral pleasure in a starfish position from her partner by putting a pillow under her, but does not like to make any effort at all to reciprocate the same gesture to her partner. She makes little or no effort when it comes to satisfying or pleasuring her partner as she literally hogs on the pillows, leading to a pillow-hogging and non-reciprocal type of sex.

Pillow Princess Started From Lesbians And Bisexuals:

The term “pillow princess” first originated from the LGBTQ+ community or women who are primarily lesbians or bisexuals, but it is now being used to include even straight people, and is sometimes also called “star-fishing.” Such women love sex, but only on their own terms, which basically means that they don’t have to do any work, and the other person must do everything to please them in bed.

Sex Must Be A Reciprocal Activity But That’s Not What Pillow Princesses Want:

A pillow princess often uses her sexuality or attractiveness to charm or lure her partners to get into bed. Sex must be a reciprocal activity, and hogging the pillow and not making any effort to please a partner can never be a good thing in bed. Sex is not only about one person's pleasure, it should be about mutual sexual satisfaction for both people involved. It is imperative to think about pleasing the other person as well, or else the woman would forever be labeled as a needy or selfish partner in bed.

Pillow Princess Can Be Used For Men As Well:

The term pillow princess is also sometimes used to refer to men with somewhat similar sexual preferences, the ones who enjoy having sex while caring less if the woman is satisfied or not. Either way, it can never be a nice thing for a woman or a man to only think about their own sexual gratification and ignore the needs of the other person.

Laziness Leads To Becoming A Pillow Princess:

Some people are naturally lazy, and they don’t want to make any effort to please their partner in bed. It is human nature not to do anything to please the other person and want the other person to pleasure you, however, at some point, the other person, no matter how sweet they may be, would want to receive some pleasure as well.

Past Bad Sexual Experience May Result In Being A Pillow Princess:

It is very much possible that a pillow princess has experienced sexual abuse or maybe has been put down in the past, which may be causing her to not actively participate in the sexual act. Someone may have told her that she sucks at having sex and that may have made her pull back from it, and the only way to fix such a situation is by communicating with her by telling her what the guy expects her to do to him in order to please him in bed instead of putting her down.

Previous Habits May Lead To Becoming A Pillow Princess:

If a pillow princess has had a past relationship in which the guy did most of the things when it comes to sex, then she is probably used to that kind of setup. So, one can't really blame the woman in such a case; what needs to be done is for the other person to educate their partner and tell them what they like them to do in bed.

Fear May Lead To Being A Pillow Princess:

There are many women who may not have fully explored their sexuality due to some kind of fear, especially when women are beginning to explore lesbianism. In such a situation, the other partner needs to be patient and help them open up and become more vocal about what each person expects from the other in bed.

Inexperience Is The Main Cause Of Becoming A Pillow Princess:

A lot of women are just not experienced enough when it comes to sexually satisfying their partner in bed. Hence, it's not that one does not want to, but it's the lack of inexperience that can hinder someone’s sexual drive, making them become inactive and appear like a pillow princess, while in reality, they may like to get naughty in bed.
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November 15 ,2020
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