Transphobia Transphobic Meaning Definition

Transphobia is also sometimes referred to as “Trans-Phobia” with a hyphen, or “Trans Phobia” with a space, as some other forms

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Transphobia / Transphobic:

The term “transphobia” is derived from “trans,” which means “transexual,” and “phobia,” which means “fear of,” hence, “trans-phobia” literally means “fear of trans people.”

The term “transphobia” or “transphobic” is used to describe people who harbor some elements of negative attitudes, feelings, actions, thoughts, and intents, towards transgender or transsexual people, or toward transsexuality.

Transphobia is the aversion, fear of, discrimination against, or hatred towards trans people, the trans community, or gender ambiguity. Transphobia is discrimination against transgender people, and it usually carries the notion that gender must be natural instead of a learned condition, and that biological sex must the gender assigned at birth.

An extreme case of transphobia subscribes to the belief that people with feelings, as described above, are not normal and human. It is an illogical and irrational negative attitude towards transgender people, gender-bending, and gender non-conformity.

Adult victims experience public harassment, including taunting, threats, violence, and robbery, making them feel unsafe in public places. Child victims of transphobia experience harassment, bullying, and discrimination in school and social events.

Some transexuals are declined healthcare services or suffer workplace discrimination, including being fired for their sexuality, or threatened by political or religious groups who are against the laws to protect them. Ironically, there is even discrimination from some people who fall within the movement for the rights of sexual and gender minorities.

A transphobic person is someone who doesn't believe transgender people are human and don’t approve of the way they feel about their gender or sex, referring to a transgender person, or treating them, in an insulting or derogatory manner. All these things create stress by transphobia that can cause negative emotional consequences, which may lead to alcoholism, drug addiction, crime, and a higher rate of suicide.
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November 11 ,2022
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