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Virtual Relationship Or Virtual Marriage: epals, eaffair, cyber, penpals, online-only

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Virtual Relationship Or Virtual Marriage:

A virtual relationship or marriage is a relationship between two people who know each other online only. Virtual relationships are similar in many ways to online relationships or pen pal relationships, and such a relationship can be platonic or romantic.

An online relationship must be maintained for a certain period of time before getting labeled as a relationship, same way as how it works in real-life relationships. These relationships can be formed between people who live in the same area or in different regions, countries, or even across the world.

The main difference between online relationships and real relationships is that the former is sustained only via an electronic gadget or a computer, and the two people involved in the relationship may or may not have ever met each other in person. Such relationships include a lot of virtual communications such as texting, emailing, audio chatting, and video chatting.

Virtual relationship is conceded exclusively in a simulated cyber environment through an electronic communication device, by corresponding digitally, regardless of geographic limitations, involving real people with real feelings and emotions, which may be platonic or romantic. Since it is executed only online, it is more imaginary or arbitrary and less factual or realistic in nature, though it may go beyond the virtual space and transforms into a real relationship at a later point in time.

Virtual relationship is also called online relationship, internet relationship, textual relationship, or cyber relationship.

Virtual relationship is primarily sustained via computer or other internet or mobile or smartphone or portable devices, or by using other electronic communication devises.

Virtual relationship includes corresponding exclusively via emails, texts, audios, videos, or even virtual or augmented reality.

Virtual relationship can also be via one of the social media sites or even blogs and forums as well as chats or chat rooms.

Virtual relationship is virtual in nature as the name suggests but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily unreal or fake, it is just that it is carried on a virtual platform.

Virtual relationship exists in a virtual world, but it is filled with real people that interact with each other for friendship and even love or romance.

Virtual relationship is most commonly formed by online dating, where two people start their relationship in a virtual space and then take it to the real world as and when they feel more comfortable.

Virtual relationship is nothing more than the modern or high tech version of pen pal relationships of yesteryears with the only difference being that the physical snail mail letters are now replaced by correspondences via the internet, which is much faster and safer.

Virtual relationship is sometimes a precursor to a real relationship, and it is not uncommon for people to form real genuine feelings for one another before they actually meet each other, in fact, many successful relationships and even marriages first start out virtually, and then they progress into a real relationship.

Virtual relationship in most cases is a stepping stone for forming a real life relationship, though it can also remain virtual forever, if that is what the two parties decide to do.

Virtual relationship must be usually retained for a certain amount of time before being classified as a relationship, just like in-person relationships.

Virtual relationship is one where individuals in the relationship may or may not ever meet each other in person, however, if they do meet in person, then at that point, the relationship converts from a virtual relationship into a real relationship.

Virtual relationship has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it becomes more meaningful when it transforms from virtuality to actuality as some point in time.

Virtual relationship is both easy and difficult to form, especially because one has millions, if not billions of choices as the whole world becomes a much smaller place to look for a potential lover or romantic partner.

Virtual relationship requires a lot of imagination from both parties because everything is virtual, so it’s important to feel each other’s emotions, sentiments, and even touch, all imaginatively and intuitively.

Virtual relationship can very well involve very deep emotions and feelings that can also be expressed via online interactions, something that was not possible earlier before the internet era.

Virtual relationship can sometimes be even deeper than a real one because both parties are more inclined to be more open and honest with each other as their identities can remain hidden, and the can be more upfront and less reserved to be themselves.

Virtual relationship is something that is expected to grow more and more with time, and with the advancements in technology, it will become even easier for people to get closer to each other in a virtual environment, with the invention of holograms and other new emerging technologies.

Virtual relationship comes with its own risks because the identities of the people involved can be totally false, so one needs to be very careful and see what they are actually getting into and must take abundance of precautions in such situations.

Virtual relationship does not require physical proximity, but it does demand time, love, intimacy, support, and honesty from both partners.

Virtual relationship can be romantic, platonic, or even based on something that is purely non-romantic.

Virtual relationship happens in the virtual world where people fall in love with each other and often become internet buddies, without having the need to have face to face meetings.

Virtual relationship can be in between any two people from any geographical location, but without any physical presence.

Virtual relationship involves use of terms such as virtual girlfriend and boyfriend, or even virtual spouse or couple.

Virtual relationship is where people can hide their real identity and use any form of avatar that they want to, but all that may lead to all sorts of identification issues.

Type Of Virtual Relationship Or Open Marriage:
Read This: Virtual Relationship
November 15 ,2020
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Virtual Relationship
Virtual Relationship Or Virtual Marriage: epals, eaffair, cyber, penpals, online-only