How To Tell A Girl Or Guy You Like Her Or Him

10 Ways Of How To Tell A Girl Or Guy You Like Her Or Him Or Have A Crush On Them Without Ruining Everything By Getting Overly Nervous Or Anxious About The Final Result

Read This: How To Tell A Girl Or Guy You Like Her Or Him

Ok, so you have a crush on someone. You are head over heels in love with someone. The problem is how to express your feelings to your crush. One can get nervous or anxious to reveal their feelings to the other person. There is always a fear of rejection or getting ignored. You should still go all out and express your true feelings. The worse that can get is that you will be turned down, which is any day better than not doing anything at all.

Following is the full list of ten top most effective ways of how to tell a girl or guy you like her or him or have a crush on them without ruining everything by getting overly nervous or anxious about the final result:

# Look Good:
You must look good and dress well when you are about to express your feelings to your crush. Overdressing may indicate that you are making it way too formal. So look casual but of course, be well groomed. Dress so that you look impressive and attractive but not too formal.

# Make Appointment:
Find the right time and place to invite your crush where you would like to tell them about your true feelings. If that is not possible then try to find them when they are alone. Make sure to have a private one-on-one conversation where suddenly there is no one around. It will be awfully awkward to have a conversation about such a private matter with other people around.

# Feel Comfortable:
Make your crush feel comfortable and at ease without any pressure of any kind. Try to talk about a few things until you can find the right situation to spill the beans. Infuse your feelings somewhere in the middle of the conversation so that it looks casual and natural. Maintain a light atmosphere by cracking jokes and laughing out loud.

# Say It:
At some point, you will have to express your true feelings to your crush. Gather enough courage and say it just the way you feel about them. There is no need to keep contemplating endlessly as that will only further increase your anxiety. Just look for the right time and pour your heart out.

# In Person:
It is always better to express your feelings to your crush in person. A private in-person conversation is more personal. But it is perfectly fine to say it over the phone if you feel nervous around them. See what you feel most comfortable with and go with your gut feeling.

# Love Letters:
You may want to adopt one of the more traditional methods of expressing your feelings to your crush. Mail them a handwritten love letter or you can even email it to them. Avoid texting or using social media for this purpose as that can be highly insensitive. Make sure that your note gets to the right person instead of getting lost somewhere in between.

# Be Patient:
After you express your love to your crush give them some time to digest it. They may not be expecting this was coming and you may have caught them off guard. Do not put any pressure to get a response immediately. It is perfectly normal for them asking for some time to think about your offer.

# Go Celebrate:
If your crush likes you back then it is time to celebrate. Go out with your friends for a few drinks to boost your ego. We all like it when we get accepted by someone we love. You may even want to take your crush along with you to make them feel special.

# Accept Rejection:
It is not always the case that your crush will like you back. Accept the rejection gracefully without creating a scene. Take it easy and understand that not every person you love will like you again. Never take things to your heart.

# No Disappointment:
Don’t get too disappointed if your crush turns you down. Be proud that you at least dared to tell them how you feel. It is the right of every person to accept or reject any romantic offer they get. Just be cool about it and move on.
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November 11 ,2022
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