Tips For First Online Dating Meeting

10 Tips For First Online Dating Meeting To Make It Enjoyable And Then Trying To Take Things Forward To The Next Level In The Real World

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Following is the full list of ten top most tips for first online dating meeting make it enjoyable and then trying to take things forward to the next level in the real world:

# First Impression:
The first time you meet your date will be your first impression. The idea should be to create a last first impression in your date’s mind. Most people form an opinion within the first minute or two at the most. Be sure to put your best foot forward and make an unforgettable first impression.

# Greeting Them:
How you should greet your date for the first time would depend a lot on what kind of chemistry you have been able to develop so far. You can give a small kiss on the cheek if you feel comfortable. You can lean in to provide them with a little hug. Avoid handshakes or engaging in any business kind of greeting because this is a date and not a formal business meeting.

# Facial Expressions:
The very first thing to do is smile on your face as much as possible. Nothing can be more comforting to the other person than a friendly smile. Make direct eye contact with your date so that you can appear confident. You may not realize but your eyes can do a lot of talking for you and can even say things that you can’t say by talking.

# Body Language:
We often can talk with our bodies more than we can communicate otherwise. Your body posture should be both warm and friendly. Make full use of your body while talking so that you can create a more significant impact on what you are saying. Lean back and forth and even sideways in order to make your point but never overdo it.

# Talk Slowly:
Talk slowly but without interruptions because talking too fast is a sign of nervousness and insecurity. You need to appear more confident and make your date feel that everything is under control. Do not interrupt in between when the other person is talking or cut them off. Avoid any long awkward pauses or moments of long silence because that would mean that you have nothing to talk about.

# Equal Communication:
There should be an equal exchange of words between the two of you. It should not appear that only one person is doing all the talking while the other one is just listening. You should not shy away from asking questions as long as you don’t make it look more like an interview or an interrogation. Also, try to avoid talking about controversial topics such as religion or politics.

# Escape Plan:
The best way to have an exit strategy is by telling your date that you have a prior appointment after an hour. If you wish to get out earlier, then you can tell your date that you should be getting ready to leave as the traffic to where you are going is usually pathetic. If you are having a good time, then you can always extend your meeting by saying that your plans are a little flexible. This way, you can easily get out earlier to stay a bit longer.

# Flirt Around:
It is perfectly fine to engage in some type of light flirting if you feel that the feelings are mutual. You can easily convey this by the way you talk and look at your date. Throw in a few subtle hints to express your interest but don’t go overboard or you may end by blowing everything off. Remember that this is the first time and you must stay within decent limits.

# End It:
The perfect way to end the first date is by kissing on the cheek with a light hug. Thank your date for the wonderful time that you had together. You can even make any closing remarks or if you have anything else to say before you part ways. This would be your final opportunity to say something you may have missed earlier.

# Follow Up:
After getting back home safely, text your date and thank them once again. This would be another way to make contact after meeting them in person for the first time. It will be a good idea to directly tell each other if there is an interest in meeting up again. We live in a hectic world where everyone is super busy, and it won’t be helpful to keep someone hanging for too long.
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November 11 ,2022
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