Ways To Dating Someone Unattractive

10 Ways To Dating Someone Unattractive Who May Not Be Attractive In Their Outer Or Physical Appearance But They May Have Some Very Special Or Unique Qualities

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It is quite natural for most people to like to date someone they are actually attracted to. But sometimes attraction takes time. Many times there is no initial attraction or love at first sight kind of situation. What is interesting to note is that sometimes it takes time to develop an affinity toward someone. You may be surprised to be attracted to someone you never thought you might get attracted to. So it is vital that you don’t turn someone down if there is no attraction. Give it some time to know the other person and then make a call. In most cases, you would be surprised to develop feelings of fascination over a period of time.

Following is the full list of ten top most ways to date someone unattractive in outer or physical appearance but they may have some very special or unique qualities:

# Fair Chance:
Allow yourself to give your date a chance to get to know them better. Start off with an open mind and make an honest effort in getting to know some of their skills or qualities. They may have a very attractive quality that you never knew about. You can only truly get to know the inner side of a person when you can give them a fair chance.

# Common Interests:
Try to find a few things that you have in common with the other person that you are trying to date. Talking about common topics will open a whole new door to some great conversations. Doing things that you both have in common can lead to having a good time together. Very soon you will find that the other person is not that unattractive after all.

# Unattractive Qualities:
It is possible that your date has some qualities that make them unattractive to you. The first thing to do is to make a list of those things that turn you off. Then talk to them and see if they are willing to change some of those things for you. Have an honest conversation and express how this change can make a significant impact on your love life.

# Reality Check:
Take a short break from your date and see if you are beginning to feel some sort of attraction towards them. Talk to them and be honest about your feelings as that would really help. Tell them you need more time and that you are trying your best to make it work for both of you. Keep a check on your feelings and see if there is any change in how you feel about the other person.

# Future Prospects:
Physical attraction and even emotional bonding dilute with time. Things do not always start as exciting as they are in the first few days of any dating relationship. Think if you can be the other person for the long haul. Forget about any petty things that may make you feel not so attracted to your date.

# Be Compromising:
It is natural for people to have a long laundry list of qualities that they want in their date. Realize that it is practically not possible for one person to have all those qualities. Be flexible and learn to compromise in some of those areas. You may end up being alone if you find yourself unable to bend at all and keep looking for your ideal mate.

# Long Term:
Think about the long-term prospects with your date instead of a short fling. Focus more on the fact that you both have a future together. Give less importance to the physical aspects. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and even the best looks would fade with the progression of aging.

# Know Priorities:
Think about what qualities are most important to you on your date. Try to find new ways of getting attracted to the other person. Understand that everything is not about outer physical beauty. You should stress more on developing a more meaningful emotional connection instead of being very superficial in your outlook.

# Be Realistic:
We all have an imaginary figure of our lover in our mind which can be significantly different from reality. Make sure that what you expect in your date is realistically achievable. Lower down your standards a bit as you need to get aligned more to reality. Not everyone is as hot as a celebrity and you must realize that you live in the real world instead of a dreamland.

# Re Evaluate:
Take a holistic view of the entire package instead of just looking at the physical attraction with your date. Physical attraction can be developed over a period of time but chemistry or emotional connection is what keeps a relationship alive in the long run. Look for other traits which may be far more attractive than mere looks. Try not to form an initial image of the other person and don’t be too judgmental as you may end up losing on someone very nice.
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November 11 ,2022
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