Tips For Setting Up First Online Dating Meeting

10 Tips For Setting Up First Online Dating Meeting So That You Can Try To Plan Every Minute Detail Perfectly

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Following is the full list of ten top most tips for setting up first online dating meeting so that you can try to plan every minute detail perfectly:

# Use Texting:
Start texting your prospective date but don’t be over-aggressive or sound like a lonely or desperate person. The best way is to text as much and as often as the other person is texting. Doing more than that will make you look like you are chasing them. It is fine to initiate a chat but make sure that you get an equal and fair response.

# Phone Talks:
Make use of talking on the phone along with texting. It is always a nice thing to hear the voice behind those typed words. Having a real phone conversation will also give you a better feeling about the other person. It is not as good as meeting in person but still better than texting or emailing endlessly.

# Make Headway:
Try to keep your texting and phone conversations exciting and engaging. The last thing you would want to happen is to bore your date to death even before meeting you. Maintain a high level of humor in order to keep your date amused. Share some personal details and ask for anything that is not mentioned in their dating profile.

# Asking Out:
Try to set up a stage for setting up your first meeting. It really doesn’t matter who initiates the topic of meeting up as long as both parties are inclined to meet up in person. Be direct and just try to set up a time and place for a meeting. This would be the obvious next step in order to take things forward.

# Time Duration:
It is not recommended that you commit to more than one hour of meeting. It doesn’t matter how much you get along by texting or on the phone. Meeting someone in person for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience because you never know what is going to happen next. So the best practice is to just commit for one hour maximum for the first time and then see how it goes.

# Dressing Up:
It doesn’t matter how you dress as long as you are dressed to impress and for the occasion. Wear clothes according to where you meet your date. Wearing something at a coffee shop should be entirely different from what you would wear to a classy lounge. Make sure to wear something you know you look good and attractive in as well as something you feel most comfortable and confident in.

# Day Date:
It is recommended that you opt for a daytime date for the first time. Nights are more personal and should be used if there is a mutual interest to pursue each other romantically. A quick lunch at a deli or a bistro would work much better. It would be less pressure and even easy on the wallet of whoever is paying.

# Keeping Casual:
Try to avoid going on a very formal date for the very first time. Avoid going to a very fancy restaurant because it would be hard to escape if you need to. Prefer going to a coffee shop where you can quickly grab a drink or a bite and storm out whenever you want. The idea should be to keep things casual for the first time until you both want to take things further.

# Be Punctual:
Being late meeting for the first time could really set you on the wrong foot. Value other people’s time and be on time or even a little ahead of time so that you don’t feel stressed out. Make sure you know how to get to the venue and make appropriate arrangements to get there. It would also be a good idea to set up your first date at a place you have been to before instead of venturing out to a totally new place.

# Public Place:
Set up your first date in a public place that is relatively crowded. Never ever meet up in a private residence for the very first time regardless of how much you trust the other person. It is always safe than to be sorry later. You never know if your first date is a psycho or some kind of loose cannon.
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November 11 ,2022
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