Fast Flirting

Fast Flirting Tips And Ideas That You Can Apply To Flirt With Someone And Get A Quick Response From The Other Side

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Flirting Tips From A Distance:

Make intermittent eye contact by looking away and making eye contact again a few times.

Smile without making it too obvious.

Wink gently with a smirk.

Slightly wet your lips with the tip of your tongue.

Mirror the other person's movements.

Run through your fingers sideways in your hair slowly.

Gently play and flip your hair to the side.

Laugh and have a positive attitude.

Lean backward and then forward.

Lift one eyebrow slowly and then the other one.

Stand as close as possible without invading too much of the other person's private space.

If you are sitting, then cross and uncross your legs.

Lean toward the other person if there is an exchange of words.

Tilt your head to one side and then the other side.

Always keep your arms open and unfolded.

Softly bite your lips.

Purse your lips.

Allow your eyes to sparkle with glory when you look at the other person.

Smile with your eyes and your full face.

Softly touch your lips with the tips of your fingers.

Stroke your phone or whatever is in your hand.

Use a mint or a breath spray.

Wear perfume that is not too strong.

Suck on your fingers.

Hold the other person's gaze a few seconds more than usual.

Part your lips.

Look at the person's lips.

Touch your teeth with your tongue.

Tease the other person playfully.

Blush as much as appropriate.

It is ok to be a little naughty without being cheap.

Flicker your eyelashes.

Lightly touch your collarbone.

Roll your hands your body from top to bottom subtly.

Showoff the good physical attributes and try to hide your body flaws.

Look at the other person seductively over your shoulder.

Keep your body posture open so that you seem approachable.

Flirting Tips While Talking:

Try to break the ice by initiating a conversation and say hello.

Introduce yourself without going into too many details.

Talk softly almost like whispering.

Roll your fingers on your cheeks while talking.

Compliment whenever possible on physical or non-physical attributes.

Always ask questions to show your interest.

Take the other person's name when addressing them.

Try to be humorous and witty in your responses.

Try to be modest and gracious while accepting compliments.

Make the other person laugh.

Take brief pauses while talking to give the other person a chance to speak.

Come close but without touching.

Listen proactively and stay interested in the conversation.

Never look away when the other person is talking.

Have a positive attitude about life and people in general.

Laugh at their jokes even if they are not too funny.

Smile their stories no matter how boring they may be.

Never move away if the other person is trying to come closer to you.

Repeat what the other person is saying to demonstrate that you are listening.

Sigh contentedly whenever appropriate.

Nod your head while listening so that the other person knows you understand what they are saying.

Ask if the other person is single.

Before parting give a light hug and ask for a telephone number.

Wear something hot and sexy.

Wear something that is low cut.

Wear clothes that are inviting.

Leave something to the imagination.

Play with your accessories.
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November 15 ,2020
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