How To Subtly Flirt

Subtle Flirting Is The Best Way To Flirt With Someone Just Like A Smooth Operator But Without Making Things Too Direct Or Obvious

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Flirting Naturally And Organically Without Making Too Many Efforts Or Making It Sound Like A Well Rehearsed Script:

Flirting comes naturally to some, while others have to master this beautiful art. It is best when things happen naturally and effortlessly. It should not look like a well-rehearsed script. So don’t appear to be over-rehearsed. Don’t try to make things look like they are perfect where every action and every word sounds like an act from a romantic comedy movie.

All this will make you come across as insincere, and the other person may feel that this is what you do with everyone. There is a subtle divide between being a charmer and being a professional flirt. Watch every step you take and every word you say. Make everything organic without lights, camera, and action.

Overdoing While Flirting Or Crossing The Line While Flirting Can Be Highly Inappropriate And Indecent:

Flirting is supposed to be playful as well as harmless; it’s essential never to overdo and cross the line while flirting.

Crossing the line of flirting by making crude or sexual comments, inappropriate touching, comments about someone’s body parts, etc., are not flirtatious; it may just do the opposite of what’s intended by making the person run in the opposite direction and may even amount to sexual harassment.

Flirting And The Role Of Gauging Or Measuring Response:

Flirting can be a risky game, and one must be very careful. Take things slowly and make progressions as per the other person’s responses. Continue, if there is a positive response from the other side. Withdraw, if it makes the other person feel even slightly uncomfortable. Never take offense to rejection while flirting. In fact, walk away with dignity and never become persistent.

If someone is flirting with you and you are not interested, be polite and respectful of their feelings by walking away or by nicely signaling your disinterest. Make use of the push-n-pull flirting technique, pull in to generate initial interest and push off to make them crave or if there is no reciprocity from the other side.

Flirting And The Role Of Exchanging Contact Info:

Once you cross the initial flirting phase, it’s time for taking things beyond the first flirtatious encounter. You must understand that you have to be more proactive if you want there to be a second meeting. You have to be direct and let your intentions be known. Else, you would be forgoing a great chance, and it will become a missed opportunity.

If you are a man, it’s best to ask for her phone number. If you are a woman, it’s better to give out your number so that you can make it clear that you are interested, but it will still require him to take the initiative to call you.
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November 15 ,2020
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