Ways To Flirt With Your Crush In Person

10 Ways To Flirt With Your Crush In Person By Giving Both Verbal As Well As Non Verbal Hints For Most Effective Results

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Flirting in person is the best way to flirt with someone. The main advantage is that you will get instant feedback so that you can position yourself accordingly. Within minutes or even seconds, you can get to know if there is a mutual interest. Just don’t be scared and keep it playful no matter what comes out of it.

Following is the full list of ten top most ways to flirt with your crush in person by giving both verbal as well as nonverbal cues most effective results:

# Eye Contact:
The first step in flirting is to make eye contact. It is a safe and secure method to gauge the other person’s interest in you. Take a few glances to see if they are looking back at you but don’t stare to the extent that it makes the other person uncomfortable. If you feel a positive vibe then you may want to slowly raise your eyebrows or even wink in some situations.

# Give Smiles:
If there is a mutual attraction, then you both should automatically smile and blush without making any effort. It should be more like a natural smile from a distance or while passing by each other. Always give a mild smile and never indulge in a broad smile that your jaws drop out of your mouth. Subtle smiles are considered sexy and alluring so make sure that your smile looks genuine and smile with your face so that your entire face lights up.

# Ice Breakers:
If everything goes well then the next thing to do would be to introduce yourself but very briefly formally. Give the other person some chance to ask you a few questions as well. Leave something to the mystery so that the other person has something to wonder about. It is always a good idea to keep the other person interested and craving to know more about you.

# Start Conversation:
After you have introduced yourself to each other try to initiate a small conversation. Crack a joke or share some exciting incident from your real life. Prepare a few pick-up lines in advance and see which line would match the situation and just throw toss in one as long as it sounds genuine. Don’t be too corny or cheesy as that ruin everything.

# Be Short:
Keep things short and sweet and try not to indulge in any long boring stories. Talk about some random interesting things instead. Keep it going for a few minutes and see how the other person reacts. By now you should know if the other person is enjoying your company and if they want to keep the conversation going.

# Nothing Personal:
Keep things formal and light and don’t get too comfortable too fast. Try not to indulge in any personal information such as your religious faith or political affiliations because those are personal topics. Talk about some fun stuff such as the weather or something related to the surroundings. Don’t get too serious and keep it lighthearted.

# Body Language:
It is not always about what you are saying but what matters more is how you say those things. Let your eyes and body do some talking as well. Use your body language to your advantage and be as expressive as you can be. Keep an open posture so that you look inviting and lean your body slightly towards the other person while still maintaining some distance.

# Give Praises:
We all love to be praised even when it’s fake. Your best bet in getting your foot inside the door is by giving some compliments. Make sure not to get too personal and just make general compliments about their eyes or the dress that they are wearing. Try to plug your compliments into the conversation so that they suit the context and never ever make any sexual comments.

# Light Touching:
Once you feel comfortable it is time to break the touch barrier. Casually rub your arms against the other person or just tap your hands on their shoulders. Always make sure that the other person is okay with all this and never force yourself on the other person. Be prepared for the other person to walk away entirely as that may very well happen.

# Deal Closing:
If you have reached thus far then it means it is pretty safe to assume that there is a mutual interest. So don’t delay and seal the deal by asking for their phone number, and you can even ask them to meet up for a drink later on some weekend but don’t ask them out on the same night because that may come across as too desperate. If the other person is not so forthcoming then let it go and don’t become too persistent and don’t take it as a rejection. Move on to the next person as there are plenty of other fishes in town.
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November 11 ,2022
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