Tips For Making Best Friends

10 Tips For Making Best Friends That Are Finest For Possible Friendship Or Relationship

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Following is the full list of ten top most tips for making best friends that are the finest for possible friendship or relationship:

# Help Others:
If you want to make best friends, then you have to help others because that is what friendship is all about at the end of the day. By being helpful to others and thinking of new ways to improve your friends, you can easily create a lasting relationship that would take far more than a spiritual one. Ask yourself a simple question, what your friends need the most, and how you can fulfill that need without making your life upside down. If you can help other people when they most need a helping hand, you can be sure to gain a brand new friend almost effortlessly because you can instantly get listed in their excellent books.

# Be Positive:
If you are out to make a best friend, then you must start with a little bit of positivity and optimism in your mindset. Focus on the right traits in people instead of looking at their faults because no one, including yourself, is perfect in everything. Human beings and personal relationships are full of flaws and the next person you are going to meet will be no exception, and this is the hard reality of life. Embrace the fact that we all have qualities that make us difficult to cope with, and we also have some very desirable traits in us.

# Smile Often:
One must possess a pleasant facial expression and body language, especially when they are out to make best friends with new people. A beautiful smile can go miles away in attracting an entire crowd of people, you can try it sometime if you don't believe it and you may be pleasantly surprised. In many personal relationships, smiling and how you express your thoughts are far more important than the words that you say. Even if you are connecting with someone in a real or in a virtual environment, facial expression can be felt and that can make all the difference in winning a few hearts.

# No Grudges:
One must have the ability to forgive and forget if one genuinely wants to make best friends. If there are any past grudges from earlier encounters, start over and let go of them and let bygones be bygones. Negative thoughts are always corrosive and will most likely make your heart bitter, so just focus on the wonder of the current moment. Forget about all past grudges, start a new chapter by giving yourself and the other person a fair chance to create a new relationship that can last for a very long time.

# Reflect Others:
Making a best friend requires a lot of reflection of others in yourself, and it can be done if you can be a positive mirror for others. If you want to become good friends with someone, then you need to let them know all the great things that you can see in them. People love it when you can tell them about their strengths and what they are good at, but you must not point out any negative qualities they possess unless you feel super close to them and even then it's a risky thing to do. Two people can have an excellent relationship, but only if they bring out the best in each by complementing each other.

# Be Kind:
Kindness and generosity play a big role in making best friends, just because these are very attractive qualities when it comes to personal relationships. It can never be too much to be too kind, so you will be fine if you do overboard in being extra nice to someone. You must be genuine and let the kindness come straight from your heart, it is nearly impossible to fake it for too long and the real you would come out sooner or later. So open your heart and be kind to the people that you know, it would help you in forming some great relationships.

# Be Grateful:
If you want to make a best friend, never take anyone for granted as that will do the exact opposite. Treat your friends with gratitude, and communicate to them that you are grateful to have them in your life. Actions speak louder than words, so express your gratitude to them in both words and actions. We all love being valued by other people, especially by people that we wish to have a long-lasting relationship with and that includes our existing as well as new friends.

# Magic Words:
There are certain magic words that can help you make a best friend in an instant, only by saying a few words that are known to touch people's hearts. It does not matter if you say those words online or face-to-face, but it would make a more profound impact if you tell them in person. There are many such magic words such as asking them if there is anything you can do for them, you can inject such words into almost any kind of situation in any relationship. These words not only will touch the heart of other people, but they will also transform your own heart in very positive ways.

# Show Flexibility:
Making a best friend would need you to be more flexible, without getting too fixated on certain habits. Our flexibility changes dramatically as we age, but still bending every now on then can go a long way in making great relationships. When we are willing to bend for others, it means that the other person is valuable to us as we do stuff that we otherwise wouldn't do for everyone. Such feelings of going out of your way to help others can make profound differences in forming relationships, and most people remember such small sacrifices in every relationship.

# Good Intentions:
Always keep your heart clean and have good intentions when you are trying to make a best friend, having a motive behind any relationship can't be hidden for too long. Friendship is the purest form of any relationship, and most relationships start as friendship. Having a motive behind initiating a new connection can never be a good thing, for you or the other person. There is nothing wrong with exchanging favors as long as they did that without making them the core of the relationship, having them as a byproduct of a relationship is fine as long as the entire relationship is not based on those favors alone.
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November 11 ,2022
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