Tips For Making Fast Friends

10 Tips For Making Fast Friends That Are Trusted For Possible Friendship Or Relationship

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Following is the full list of ten top most tips for making fast friends that are trusted for possible friendship or relationship:

# Share Secrets:
The quickest way to make fast friends is by sharing some of the deepest, darkest secrets so that you can gain the trust of the other person. After all, you share your secrets only with the people you trust. Sharing some of your secrets such as how scared you are of heights, or how nervous you get in certain situations, for instance, can help create an instant bond with the other person. Such serious issues can ignite a new friendship in a matter of just a few minutes because trust is one of the things that bring two people close to each other without making too much effort. One of the vital elements of any meaningful relationship is creating a sense of trust, and that trust can be formed almost instantly by sharing a few of your most personal secrets.

# Look Excited:
Accept the fact that people like to associate with other people who have happy faces, not sad or depressed ones. So if you are out to make new fast friends then you must look happy, fake it if that is what you have to do. As per most psychologists, most people are attracted to people who look happy and are having a good time in life instead of sad or gloomy ones. By adopting a more positive attitude, you can quickly draw in more people as happiness can be contagious and people can catch on to other people's emotions very fast when they are around them in any kind of relationship.

# Exciting Icebreakers:
One of the most efficient ways to make fast friends is by using one of the most effective icebreakers with them, and pick a few words based on the context and personality of the person. Use your flattering words wisely, so that it suits the occasion and also the setting so that neither one of you feels out of place. Make sure to sound genuine in whatever you say, as that is especially important if you are trying to flirt with someone for a more romantic relationship. There will always be something noteworthy that you can comment about someone, and such icebreakers serve as instant conversation starters.

# Rapid Moves:
If you want to make fast friends rapidly, then you have to make quick moves and keep hopping from one person to another without wasting too much time. In most social situations, you are going to have to make the first move if you wish to pursue a relationship with someone you like. Being stuck to the same person for too long would be a waste of time, but it is alright to come back to them at a later time. Your objective should be to move quickly and connect with as many people as you possibly can, at least a few of those connections will surely develop into a friendship or even a long-lasting relationship.

# Show Aggressiveness:
Making fast friends is going to need you to be reasonably aggressive, but not to the extent that you blow all future chances of hooking up with that person by overwhelming them to no extent. Be assertive to a certain extent, and back out when you feel that you have made your best move so that you can let the other person respond to your actions. It is alright to be eager as long as you don't sound too desperate, as that will in most cases work against you. First, sense the situation, then be as aggressive as you can and should be in order to make a new connection with someone as a friend or perhaps a meaningful relationship.

# Act Confidently:
One of the best ways to impress someone in the least amount of time is by acting with confidence, it does not matter if you are trying to be fast friends with that person or even ask them out on a date. When one looks self-assured, it increases other people's confidence in you and makes you more desirable to be with. Of course, humility is often considered a virtue, but sometimes demonstrating a little bit of overconfidence can give you an edge in personal relationships. If you think it is hard for you to appear confident in front of new people or if you happen to be the nervous kind, then simply fake it until you can make it happen in real.

# Be Selective:
You may want to make fast friends, but always be selective when you choose your friends so that you don't run into problems. Another reason to choose your friends carefully is that many times we often become like the people we hang out with, making it even far more essential to hook up with the right kind of people. Sometimes behaviors can spread from one person to another like a parasite, your friends may be affecting your personality more than you can imagine. It does not matter if you believe in these theories, but one thing that we all can agree upon is that our friends have the most significant effect on our personalities and behaviors when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

# Show Reciprocity:
Another quick way to make fast friends is by always reciprocating what the other person is doing, it will take a lot of mind-work out of the way. Although you should reciprocate, never do the same things in return because that will make you look like a copycat. Meaningful friendships can be mutually beneficial, but they should not be based on a mere exchange of benefits that look like a transactional relationship. Look for yourself in the other person, and then use those same things to do something to enhance your relationship with that same person in the most authentic way.

# Keep Moving:
If you want to make a lot of fast friends, then you ought to be moving swiftly from one person to another until you find someone you actually want to have a relationship with. In case you experience any negative experiences while you are hopping from one person to another, discard such thoughts without making it too personal. Always remember that no one person can please everybody, and it's okay if you come across some unhappy souls who have a problem with you. Also note that you are not going to be friends with every person that you come across, earning a few new friendships is all that you should be focused on.

# Listen Up:
The quickest way to make fast friends is simply by listening to what they have to say, and then offering your advice if the other person asks for it. Being a good listener is not just a quality that is needed to make new friends, it is also a necessary skill to maintain the relationships that you already have. The truth is that everyone wants to be heard, and giving other people the time to pour their hearts out when they most need it can make lasting impressions in any kind of friendship because most people usually remember such moments of support. All you need to do is develop the art of being silent, especially when you are with someone who is seeking to be heard during troubling times.
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November 11 ,2022
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