Tips For Making Friends As Introvert

10 Tips For Making Friends As An Introvert Or Shy Person For Possible Friendship Or Relationship

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Following is the full list of ten top most tips for making friends as an introvert or shy person for possible friendship or relationship:

# Be Open:
If you are shy about approaching people, it may be a good idea to practice being a little bit more open. Practice being more open with your existing friends, and then try to approach new people without hesitation or any fear. By being more open to others, you would open your mind to experiencing new things in life which itself can be a life-changing event. All of this will help you in becoming a more open person, which will eventually help you in making a few new friendly relationships.

# Be Bold:
If you are a shy person who wants to make new friends, then you most likely wait for the other person to come around and that's fine as long as you give them hints that you are open to having a conversation. Understand that sometimes it is normal to make the first move, without worrying too much about how the other person would react to your move. Most shy people are shy primarily because they fear the response from the other side, which is quite normal for almost everyone. The only reasonable solution to this problem is that you need to be bold, forget about the outcome and be as open and as forthcoming as possible when it comes to interacting with new people in the hope of being friends with them and possibly having new relationships.

# Be Yourself:
If you feel shy about talking to new people and want to make new friends, then peel off your mask and be yourself. When you come across new people, you may feel like you have to appear suitable to everyone and that you have to make every new person like you back and that can be very stressful. So once you have spotted someone you want to connect with, be bold and show them your absolute best. One can perform at their very best when they act like themselves, without any pretense or superficiality and that is one of the most essential qualities of any relationship.

# Be Curious:
If you are a shy person who wants to make new friends, use your power of being able to listen to what others have to say and then slowly ask them small questions. In this way, you can listen for the most part and also show your curiosity by asking a few questions now and then. So when you meet someone you like, inject a few words here or there and let the other person do most of the talking without letting them know of your reserved nature. Then once you feel comfortable being in their company, slowly start opening up and talking more to form friendly relationships.

# Be Observing:
If you are shy and hesitant in talking to potential friends, simply observe and notice how you feel in certain situations. Since most shy people are usually good listeners and also have patience, you can be immensely attractive to emotionally needy people. At times it can be mentally draining for shy people after they spend some time with somebody new, and that is perfectly normal as long as you don't over-stress yourself. Take a break if you need to, and then again get back together and pick up from where you left off last time in your relationship.

# Be Normal:
If you are a shy person, remember that the awkwardness will slowly dissipate as you spend more time with someone new to be friends with them. The good things are that if you can act normal for at least the first few minutes, you would have overcome the initial stage of nervousness. Most shy people hide the best part about themselves until later on in the conversation, which could be a great thing because then you will have something new to show off once the initial spark has died out. So let the other person say whatever they have to say while you act normal around them, and then put out your best foot forward once you feel more comfortable in your relationship with them.

# Be Regular:
If you are one of those people who are shy about talking to strangers as friends, you should try to go to a few local places regularly. By going to a cafe or a deli frequently, you would make yourself recognizable to other regulars or staff members. Having a recognizable face will break the barrier of feeling like strangers, and that can be a great thing in facilitating first conversations. Once you reach a point of comfort with other people around you, start making eye contact and engaging in small talk for starting new relationships.

# Be Agreeable:
If you are shy in nature, then you should agree more with people so that you can avoid any unpleasant arguments that can potentially make you more nervous. When you agree more with what other people are saying, you automatically become more likable to that person. Agreements are always more favorable than disagreements, a needed quality for starting new friendships. After all, a central part of a successful relationship depends on how much two people agree with each other.

# Be Patient:
If you are shy about making new friends, you need to be patient as it will take you time to open up with new people. So go slow and start opening up in layers, as and when you feel comfortable. If you lose your patience, you may end up acting strange and may even say a few weird things that you would later regret. Most genuine friendships are built over a period of time, and it takes time to develop a meaningful relationship.

# Be Generous:
If you are a shy personality, you should act more generously so that other people get attracted to you. Generosity is a very likable quality, and most people take it as a favorable thing while getting into new friendships. Being generous is also a sign of a good heart, which is an excellent quality to possess if you want to build profound relationships. So be useful to others and others would be good to you too, making you far more attractive to others for getting into a relationship.
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November 11 ,2022
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