Tips For Making Friends With Introverts

10 Tips For Making Friends With Introverts Or Shy People For Possible Friendship Or Relationship

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Following is the full list of ten top most tips for making friends with introverts or shy people for possible friendship or relationship:

# Be Appreciative:
If you can quickly strike up conversations with strangers and find it natural to do so, you must understand that the ease with which you can interact with others may not always be the way others do, more so if they are shy. So if you are trying to make friends with new people who are inherently shy, never force them into an uncomfortable situation. Many people prefer to be alone or more personalized conversations instead of group chats, and then you must respect their wishes. You need to respect other people's preferences, and never intrude on their private space if you genuinely want to have a relationship with them.

# Be Tolerant:
One thing you must know before making friends with shy people is that you need to be tolerant and patient with them, or else you may put them in a very uncomfortable spot. It may take you longer than usual to break the ice right away because it takes a little longer for shy people to open up, but it may be worth the wait. They may not respond as you may expect or want them to, but they always come around when they feel comfortable in your company. Just find casual ways to talk to them and they will appreciate your efforts in due course of time, but always respect their boundaries and give them the social freedom to come around when they feel they are ready for a relationship with you.

# Be Passionate:
Never misunderstand that shy people like to be silent while you are trying to be friends with them, most shy people talk a lot more when the topic of discussion is something they are very passionate about. All you got to do it find out the things they like, then try to strike a conversation that revolves around what they are most interested in and sound that you are also passionate about the same thing. Finding common passion can embark on a few new relationships, and soon you may realize how well you get along with such people. The more things you are both passionate about, the higher the chances of building a profound relationship that can further just the first meeting.

# Be Comfortable:
Realize the fact that a big group can be intimidating for shy people, so keep that in mind while you are trying to be friends with them. So when you are reaching out to them for the very first time, try to go alone so that you don't feel overwhelmed by meeting a bunch of strangers at the same time. Try to sense if they are feeling even slightly uncomfortable around you, give them some space if that is the case. Back out if you feel signs of awkwardness, and then again make a move when you think they are ready for a relationship with you.

# Be Sincere:
It does not matter if the other person is shy or not, always make sure you're sincere when you are trying to befriend someone. Sincerity is a feeling that can easily be sensed by most people, faking it or trying your way around it can easily fall on your face. So always be genuine in your actions and your reason to form a relationship with someone, both of these things should be authentic. Make the other person feel that you want to get to know them without any motives, just because you like them as a person and want to have a relationship with them.

# Be Talkative:
If you want to be friends with a shy person, then you have to be talkative because the shy person is not likely to open up to you in the beginning. There are conversation starters that you can use, based on who is approaching and what you think they may like to hear from a stranger. You should be talking for sure, but don't indulge in trash-talking because that will have the opposite effect as it will ruin any prospects of developing a new relationship. Be creative and use thoughtful conversation starters to get the ball rolling, then see how things progress and make the next move in the relationship.

# Be Understanding:
Most shy people are anti-social, so you should try to become friends with them by encouraging them to become more social. It is not that shy people don't like socializing, they are just a little scared of being around too many strange people. So if you find a shy person in a social gathering, understand their inhibitions and make them feel more comfortable. If you can help a shy person in breaking the barrier, they may thank you and even befriend you or also have a relationship with you.

# Be Active:
It is common sense that most shy people are not so active, so you are the one who needs to be more active if you want to start a friendship with them. So you need to take the initiative to get the ball rolling, instead of expecting them to start a conversation. Simply try to strike a chat and see if they respond, and never force them or overwhelm them. You must be active, but you also need to keep in mind that some people take time to open up to having relationships with strangers.

# Be Approachable:
If you appear to be someone who is not easily approachable, then a shy person would be hesitant in approaching you for becoming friends. All you have to do is just have a sweet smile on your face, just so that you seem to be the welcoming kind. Get rid of barriers such as earphones or phones, all of these would make you look preoccupied. Also avoid any type of negative body language that you make you look busy or preoccupied, both of which could come your way in the relationship.

# Be Inquisitive:
While you are talking to a shy person, ask open-ended questions so that there can be an ongoing discussion. Closed questions are questions that are usually limited to just one response, after which the conversation may die out eventually. When chatting with people, try to engage in open questions in order to encourage long discussions. Doing so can help you avoid awkward moments of silence, and it will also make your conversation more fluid and that itself can embark on a new relationship with someone new.
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November 11 ,2022
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