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100 Reasons To Break Up An Emotionally Challenging Or Incredibly Toxic Romantic Relationship That Was Unhealthy For Your Peace Of Mind

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Following is the full list of hundred top most reasons to break up an emotionally challenging or incredibly toxic romantic relationship that was unhealthy for your peace of mind:

# Their behavior makes you miserable.

# There is emotional or physical abuse.

# You deserve someone a lot better.

# You should be treated better and appreciated more than you are.

# There is no excitement at all in the relationship.

# Your partner doesn’t know how to love.

# Things are not moving forward or going anywhere.

# Things are not going anywhere.

# Your partner lied to you multiple times.

# Your partner cheated with you on many occasions.

# You both have different goals in life.

# You both are going in two separate directions.

# There are constant fights and quarrels.

# You are in it just for the hell of it.

# You holding onto it just so that you’re not alone again.

# Your partner criticizes you on any every opportunity.

# Your partner ridicules you all the time in public.

# There is really no valid reason to continue

# There is no long-term potential in the relationship.

# They don’t have enough time to spend with you.

# There’s so much physical distance between you two.

# They are always inconsiderate and insensitive towards you.

# You don’t feel secure in your relationship.

# There is no real or true love between the two of you.

# It shouldn’t be this hard to make things work.

# You always get disappointed again and again.

# You never were and never will be a priority.

# They have never really put any effort into making things work.

# There is a huge lack of emotional intimacy.

# You can’t always be the one who has to always give in.

# Somewhere deep inside, you know you are not right for each other.

# You need to make do the right for yourself.

# Enough is enough, and you can’t take it anymore.

# Being in this relationship is much worse than being alone.

# You are too good to be in this messed up relationship.

# There are too many broken promises way too many times.

# You are not getting what you want from your relationship.

# There is nothing real, and everything feels very superficial.

# You love is unconditional, but you feel being used for your kindness.

# You are not treated with the kind of love and affection that you truly deserve.

# You have lost your own individuality in order to keep things going.

# There has been too much complaining all the time.

# You are made to feel inferior and ridiculed in front of others.

# You deserve to be with someone much better.

# You deserve to feel the real thing that can give you butterflies in your stomach.

# You owe it to yourself to have a better quality of life.

# You allow your partner to demean you and hurt you all the time.

# You are not precious or a valuable asset in the relationship.

# You are no longer a special person to your partner, and you are just one more feather in the cap.

# You are one always blamed when it hardly your fault ever.

# You are not able to pursue or do things in life that you always wanted to.

# You are more like a trophy than anything else.

# You are always left with a broken heart with nobody even to console you.

# You feel lonely even though you are in a relationship.

# Your relationship is just for the namesake, and it has no substance.

# You have given your relationship plenty of time to make it better, but it doesn’t seem to.

# Your heart and soul is no longer in this broken relationship.

# It feels more like a torture to be in this relationship.

# You deserve to be an equal partner, but that has never been the case.

# All that you do is just give all the time, and you get nothing in return.

# You are not wanted or needed by your partner.

# Your partner brings out the worst in you.

# You have tried your best to change your partner, but that is not going to happen.

# Your partner does not respect your friends and family when they are the nicest people in the world.

# You feel worthless and unloved in your relationship.

# You are always deprived of even the little happiness in life.

# All you have felt in this relationship is miserable and more miserable every day.

# This relationship is breaking you up more than ever before.

# A relationship is supposed to make you feel good, but that is not the case.

# A relationship is all about love and romance, but there is none of that in it.

# You have always been treated like an old doormat and nothing more than that.

# You have never been respected or looked upon with respect by your partner.

# It is always your fault even when you have no part in what happens.

# All your sexual needs have always been ignored from the very first day.

# You don’t feel turned on or sexually excited by your partner anymore.

# All the love and passion has slowly died away.

# You both act more like siblings than romantic lovers.

# You partner has started taking you for granted as if you don’t have any individuality.

# There is absolutely no kind of sexual intimacy in the relationship

# There is no passion or romantic love in the relationship.

# Even though you both are together, but it still feels very lonely.

# Things are slowly becoming from bad to worse in every area.

# Even other people have started talking about how much your relationship sucks.

# Things are so bad that you instead jump off of a cliff than to stay in this relationship.

# You don’t see it lasting forever, so why not get out of it now without wasting any more time.

# You feel like you are wasting your time and energy with your partner.

# It is never enough, no matter how hard you try to keep it together.

# You giving in far more in your relationship than what you are getting out of it.

# There are never-ending misunderstandings, and there is no end to it.

# The problems keep on increasing with no signs of reconciliation in sight.

# There was a lot of emotional belittling and torture all of the time.

# It was no longer healthy for you or your partner to continue with the relationship.

# There is absolutely no physical intimacy for the longest time.

# Life has never been so miserable for you when you feel like you are in hell.

# It seems better to live alone than being in that relationship.

# Almost any other option seems more attractive than being in the same relationship.

# You always felt that this was not the right thing for you, and now that feeling has become even stronger.

# Almost nobody approves of this relationship, and deep down even you feel the same.

# You have tried everything to make things better, but nothing seems to be working.

# You feel it is time to move on in life and lead a life that you truly deserve.

Aforementioned is the full list of hundred top most reasons to break up an emotionally challenging or incredibly toxic romantic relationship that was unhealthy for your peace of mind:
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November 15 ,2020
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