When To Break Up A Relationship

When To Break Up Or End A Relationship So That The Heartbreak And Damage Can Be Minimized Or Reduced By Calling It Quits At The Right Time In The Right Way

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When To Break Up Or End A Relationship And Handling Your Feelings While Going Through Heart Break Or Break Up Of A Romantic Relationship:

Staying in denial of a break up of a romantic relationship is normal and is the first step in the grieving process. It becomes a big problem when the feelings of denial linger on and stay for too long. Hanging on to an old love for an extended period is a cause for serious concern. One must accept reality at some point. It’s like living in the past that no longer exists. Some of the ways to deal with the denial of feelings are discussed below.

Understand that break up can be an unsurmountable loss and will require some time to recover from it entirely. Your mind may tell you that it is a temporary phase, and there are still hopes for things to become like they were. This indeed protects you from any panic attacks or big shocks. Give yourself time to absorb the unforeseen happenings in your life slowly.

Talk about your break up with your close friends and family and don’t hide a big storm in your heart. The more you talk to others about it, the more real it will become. Your close friends and family have your best in their heart, and they will help you accept the reality. They may give you an insight that may not have occurred to you yet.

Let go of the past and live in the present. Don’t hold on to good old memories. Get rid of everything that reminds you of the past. Take a pen and piece of paper and write with your hand that it is over. Burn a physical photo of your ex, and with that, burn your memories too.

Focus on the future and stop dwelling in the past. Look forward instead of backward. No matter how much we want, we can’t live in the past. Keep a positive attitude and remind yourself that you have a great future. When one door closes, two other opens up.

Take proactive steps to get out of feelings of denial. Have a regular routine, and get back with your life. Time doesn’t stay still for anyone. Stop wasting time on someone who no longer has any part in your life. Let bygones be bygones.

Work with a therapist if you need to. The therapist may not be able to remove your sorrows, but they can remove your feelings of denial. They are trained professionals, and they do this for a living. Within a few sittings, you will be totally out of denial.

Analyze and dissect your relationship. Think of all the good and the bad things in it. Keep doing that until you reach a point of conclusion where you can find more bad things than good ones. You will slowly be convincing yourself that a break up was the right thing to do. This is perhaps the most effective way of getting out of denial and getting in tune with reality. Remember, nobody in the whole world has access to the deepest part of your brain and heart. Make use of this access that you have and talk to your inner soul. If you do all this, you would be out of feelings of denial before you finish reading this article.
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November 15 ,2020
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