Am I In Love With Someone

Am I In Love With Someone Is The Biggest Question Mark In The Minds Of Many Lovers Who Are Not Yet Sure If They Are Actually In Love

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What Is The Meaning And Definition Of Am I In Love With Someone:

Lovesick simply means loving someone. It could be something as simple as waiting for someone to call you or spend quality time with you. It could also mean getting attention from someone you love. Lack of such kind of attention can make a person lovesick. Sometimes it becomes hard for people to come out of lovesickness unless they get physically reunited with their loved ones. It can be a deep and depressing feeling of being with someone.

Love Sickness Is A Sign Of Love:

Such a deep level of love can make a person dysfunctional in their normal activities. Their mind is usually preoccupied and distracted with the thoughts of someone. Lovesickness can lead to insomnia, depression, weight loss, loss of appetite, loss of interest, and wanting to cry all the time. It can also give one a feeling of emptiness from within.

Signs If You Are Falling In Love With Someone

Clueless in love is when one is not sure of their love. They are not sure whether they should pursue that love seriously or just move on. It can be an utter state of confusion where things look foggy. It's just a mere attraction between the two, and they are not sure about it whether they should pursue that love or not. Clueless in love is a testing time when two people may decide to see each other as lovers and take it further depending on how they gel with each other.

How Do You Know If You Are Really In Love:

Clueless in love may or may not develop into a healthy relationship as it is the starting point of a relationship. Clueless in love is full of doubts as to where they are heading in love. The only way to deal with clueless love is by getting some clues about that love and hence making it somewhat more meaningful and robust. If there are no clues of love, then it is better to let it go.

Love Is A Silly Emotion:

Love can be both foolish and silly. Sometimes we end up doing things that would otherwise be considered insane or crazy. Love makes everyone do stupid things. Sometimes we love someone so foolishly and madly that we forget ourselves in that process.

Love Can Make People Go Crazy:

Foolishly in love is mostly one-sided, but it can be both-sided too. Crazily in love can be said as madly profoundly and entirely in love with someone. There can be many types of foolish passion, such as being in love with a person who is not worth it can be silly, or always giving love to someone without getting anything in return. Of course, dumb love can be a good thing as long as both partners are in love with each other, and their love does not turn into a crazy obsession.

How Feelings Of Love Work:

These days we follow almost everything on social media. In the process, we forget to follow and pursue what we need to. One such thing that we often ignore following is the feeling of love. This is one of those things that you must follow, that is if you feel love towards someone.

How To Follow Love:

Following love is when one or both partners make an effort to win each other's hearts. Going after the passion is when both or any one of them is trying to know the other so that it results in a deeper bond. They pursue each other intending to take their love to the next level. The level at which they both can be in sync with each other.

When Love Makes Sense:

Pursuing love with someone who reciprocates their love equally is a good sign. But one who does not even care for your emotions, then seeking passion with such a person is foolishness. When you find your love, make sure you are not wasting your time with the wrong person. There is always an initial phase in love before it blossoms to the fullest. Such a period can also be called the wooing stage.

Taking Love To The Next Level:

Pursuing phase of love is quite more impressive than the actual period of full-blown love. It has a lot of good memories. While seeking love, both parties try to explore and devote each other so that they feel comfortable with each other. Finding love is engaging in love or being occupied in love with the intention of taking it forward or to the next level. So if you feel love, make sure to follow your love and take it to a higher level.
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November 11 ,2022
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