Types Of Feelings And Emotions

Types Of Feelings And Emotions: Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy, Disgust, Surprise, Trust, etc.

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Feelings And Emotions:

Feelings and emotions are interlinked yet separate. Feeling are what people think. Emotions are what people emote. It is not easy to define feelings or emotions; each scientist and researcher has their interpretation. Feeling and emotions involve psychological arousal, expressive behavior, conscious experience, and appraisal of the situation. Feelings and emotions are caused by a complicated mixture of hormones in the automatic nervous system and the unconscious mind. It is not easy for most of us to control our feelings and emotions. At times, we act according to our senses. Everything that we do, the choices we make, the decisions we take, the perceptions we have, the notions we have, are all governed by the emotions we experience at any given point in time.

There are different types of feelings and emotions, according to each scholar. Psychologists have also made several attempts at categorizing or compartmentalizing different kinds of emotions. Moreover, two different types of emotions can be combined to form some of the more complex or mixed feelings. Remember, each emotion is simply a state of mind at any given time. Some believe that there are only a few primary emotions and all others are their sun-divisions. We have tried to list a few different types of emotions, and there may be some overlaps or redundancies.

Different Types Of Feelings And Emotions:


Feeling of being scared, afraid, frightened, or horrified. The opposite is the courage of facing something fearful.


Feeling of hatred or being angry, upset, or outraged. The opposite is calmness or not feeling excited.


Feeling of sadness, sorrow, suffering, dejection, despair, rejection, hopelessness, crying, weeping, quietness, or grief.


Feeling of happiness, gladness, high spirits, tender feelings, contentment, satisfaction, gratification, and well-being.


Feeling of being surprised or astonishment or unprepared for something which may be positive or negative, good or bad.


Feeling of trusting someone in a positive way, which could be admiration or acceptance.


Feeling of looking forward positively for something which has not yet happened but is going to happen soon, expectation is more neutral.


Feeling of having fun collectively with friends in a social setting.


Feeling of being shameful for one’s past adverse actions, thoughts, or deeds; shamelessness means no feeling of shame. The opposite is confidence.


Feeling of benevolence, when people are good to other people. Opposite is cruelty.


Feeling of pity, when people feel sorry for others; self-pity is feeling sorry for oneself.


Feeling of disappointment because something is not fair, such as bad luck or misfortune.


Feeling of shyness or being introverted or lack of confidence.


Feeling of guilt or helplessness for wrongdoing or a shortcoming.


Feeling of enviousness or jealousy, when other people have what one wants but do not have.


Feeling of strong attachment with someone else such as family, friends, or spouse, or any other living or non-living being.


Feeling of admiring, liking, approving, or respecting someone or something.


Feeling of deep love, profound affection, devotion, worship, and respect for someone or something.


Feeling of finding something or someone funny or entertaining, leading to laughter and having a good time.


Feeling of apprehension or nervousness over an anticipated or impeding event, which leads to an unpleasant stare of mental turmoil.


Feeling fo great respect and amazement sometimes mixed with surprise factor or fear.


Feeling of lacking dexterity or skill, leading to an awkward situation.


Feeling of being early or restless due to lack of interest.


Feeling of being confused when things are not clear or the actual situation is not represented.


Feeling of intense, eager, urgent, desire, longing, or wanting something desperately.


Feeling of strong disapproval, something that is wrong or nasty.


Feeling of being able to sense or share and understand another person’s experience or emotions from their point of view like they are your own.


Feelings of exhilaration and excitement, or enthusiasm or eagerness.


Feelings of pleasure and sadness when one thinks of a past event, leading to missing what happened earlier in life.


Feeling of excitement and mystery associated with romantic love.


Feeling of fulfillment of one’s wishes and expectations, when you achieve or get what you always wanted.

Sexual Desire:

Feeling for sexual intimacy with a lover or person of interest.


Feeling of understanding of someone else’s sorrow or misfortune.


Feeling of a great victory or achieving something big in life.
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November 15 ,2020
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