Blind Love Or Blindsided In Relationship

Blind Love Or Blindsided In Relationship Is Being Ignorant Of Everything Around Where One Is Not Able To See Any Faults In The Other

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Blind Love Or Blindsided In Relationship:

Blind love or being blindsided in a relationship is love when one is so much in love with someone that it becomes difficult to see any faults in that person. This term is usually used when one person loves another to the extent that they become blinded by any or all negative qualities that a person may possess.

Blind Love Means Being Blinded By All Defects:

Blind love is love when one is blinded by one or multiple faults or imperfections in a person. It is when physical appearances make no difference.

Blind Love Looks At No Shortcomings:

Even social status or any other issue makes no difference whatsoever. It is when even any obvious shortcomings that are visible to others are often overlooked or totally dismissed.

Love Is Blind As It Is Blind To All Faults And Flaws:

Blind love can be so overwhelming that one doesn’t realize what’s going around in the world. They start seeing perfections even in imperfections. It makes either or both partners completely insane. They both accept each other just the way they are, completely and wholeheartedly.
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November 15 ,2020
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