Obsessive Love Disorder And Obsessive Relationship OCD

Obsessive Love Disorder And Obsessive Relationship OCD Is Extreme Or Fanatical With A Lot Of Irresistible And Uncontrollable Desires That May Go Overboard

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Obsessive Love Disorder And Obsessive Relationship OCD:

Obsessive love disorder or obsessive relationship OCD is defined as a theoretical state of mind in which a person feels an irresistible and excessive obsessive as well as compulsive desire to own or retain another person toward whom they feel a strong attraction. When one or both parties in love are obsessive for each other, it is said to be obsessive love. Obsessive love is an intense and extreme degree of love. Obsessive love is usually one-sided.

Obsessive Love Leads To Irresistible Desires:

Obsessive love is a situation when someone feels an overwhelming, obsessive wish to love and be loved by a person, making it almost impossible to control the feelings. It is also sometimes similar to attachment disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder, making it very difficult to stay away from the loved one.

Obsessive Love Focuses On Persistent Thoughts Or Feelings :

Obsession is the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, or desire. Obsessive love is when one or both people have a strong desire for the other and such want is so strong that it feels like some mental illness or disorder. When one or both partners are obsessively attracted to each other, it is called obsessive love. Obsession is an impulse that forces its way into consciousness and is associated with a mental disorder. It is a strong attraction or desire for the other.

Obsessive Love Leads To Unhealthy Relationship:

Obsessive love is never desirable as it does not create a healthy relationship and environment if it is one-sided. Being obsessed takes away the freedom of being in a relationship with each other as one or both parties try to dominate the other. Obsession is like being possessive of the other person to the extent that it robs the freedom to live happily in a pleasant environment. Obsessive love is when one person feels a compulsive desire to be with another person. The feelings of infatuation or liking become so extreme that it becomes an obsession for the other.

Obsessive Love Is A Mental Disorder That Must Be Treated:

Obsessive love can be taken as a symptom of a mental defect or irrational thinking. It becomes hard to accept failure or rejection to possess the love of that person. Obsessive love is often time categorized as a mental illness, but it is not officially termed as a mental disorder. Obsessive lovers often feel a total inability to contain their extreme acts such as violence toward themselves or the other person.

Obsessive Love When Becomes Excessive Can Become Dangerous:

When obsessive love becomes too extreme, it may involve violence, where one person tries to harm themselves or the other person physically. They wholeheartedly believe in their feelings of love, and often discard the notion that their crazy obsession is not real love. Obsessive love involves consistent thoughts of wanting every part of that person, be it spending time with that person or not letting that person see anyone else. Obsessive love is feelings of infatuation that are exaggerated and inflated, intensifying to the point of becoming obsessive.

Obsession While Dating Someone:

Obsession can be for anything, even for dating. Some people get very obsessed with dating that they often forget the real purpose of dating. All they want is to date as much as possible. For them, dating becomes more of a hobby and pass time. They can’t live without dating. They also get obsessed with the people they date. Obsession is an intense desire or attachment for a person who is said to be insane. Obsession gives an intense feeling to commit without knowing the person you are obsessed with.

Obsession Makes Dating Unhealthy:

Dating is meant to be a healthy activity. They should have good intentions to know each other rather than controlling the other person. The inability to control a person increases obsession. Dating obsession could also be calling the person again and again, even though they have just spoken to each other once. Dating obsession could also include picking up flaws about your date and asking the date to change as per your needs. It has become a trend these days. This needs to be curbed with rational and healthy thinking. It is best to stay away from people who are obsessed with dating or obsessed with their dates as both can lead to a very unhealthy territory.

Obsessive Love Can Be Compulsive:

Obsessive love may have addictive qualities as well. They isolate themselves from everything else and just focus on their love object to the extent that they lose the ability to do any other work. Love can be treated by psychotherapy and counseling can also help. Obsessive love has been glorified and romanticized in literature for centuries and ever since mass media came into existence.
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November 11 ,2022
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