Cupid Love And Cupid Arrow

Cupid Love And Cupid Arrow Comes From Ancient Greek And Roman Mythology That Goes Straight To The Heart To Make A Profound Impact That Last For A Long Time

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Cupid Love And Cupid Arrow:

Love is an attack but the cupid's arrow at one's heart. Before such an attack, one is normal, but soon after this attack, the behavior of the person changes. Love attacks can range from mild to severe. Of course, such love attacks are sweet as nectar and are always desirable. The world suddenly becomes beautiful, and one starts missing someone special in their life.

The Cupid As Per The Roman And Greek Mythology:

In Greek mythology, Cupid was known as Eros, who was the son of Aphrodite. In Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of Venus, who was the goddess of love and beauty. The Cupid He is known as the supreme God of affection. Legend feels that the Cupid shoots magical gold-tipped arrows at Gods and also humans. By piercing their hearts with a magical arrow, Cupid causes people to fall profoundly in love. Some legends also tend to believe that Cupid is known to change his mind all of a sudden. He carries golden arrows to make someone fall in love, but he also carries another kind of arrow that has a blunt lead tip that makes people fall out of love.

The Story Of Cupid And Psyche:

Cupid fell profoundly in love with Psyche in-spite of the fact that his mother was jealous of Psyche's beauty. After getting married to her, he told her never to look at him. Hence, he visited her only during the night. Psyche's sisters somehow managed to convince her to look at Cupid, regardless of his warning. She then lit up a lamp one of the nights so that she could see him. Cupid thereafter left Psyche. Psyche started wandering in search of Cupid. She came upon the temple of Venus. Venus, who wanted to destroy Psyche, gave her a series of tedious tasks, each one more intricate than the one before. Psyche's task was to deliver a small box to the underworld and attain some of the beauty of Proserpine. She was sternly warned not to open the box. However, she could not resist, and she opened the box to see what was inside it. The box was empty but deadly slumber. Cupid, who is still genuinely in love with Psyche all this while, came to her rescue. He forgave Psyche and then swept the deadly slumber back inside the box. The Gods then crowned Psyche as a goddess. Then they both lived happily ever after. If the Cupid hits you with one of his arrows, you too will live happily ever after with your beloved. There are a few different versions of this story of Cupid and Psyche, but the underlying theme is the same with some minor changes.

Getting Stuck By The Cupid Love And Cupid Arrow:

Sometimes one becomes poetic. Some start searching for gift shops and cards. One does not find interest in work, and their mind wanders in some romantic thoughts all the time. The one who is stuck by love thinks about the other all the time. Being pierced by the cupid is like being in heaven, although you are living in hell. This extreme connection was often described through love's arrows and love darts, and its source was the cupid itself. These arrows were created to enter the person's eyes and then pierce through their hearts, creating a strong feeling. The one who is smitten by love at first sight with a stranger feels pulled toward that person.
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November 11 ,2022
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