Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless Romantic Is An Expression That Is Used For Guys And Girls Who Are Extremely Romantic And Very Passionate

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Hopeless Romantic:

A hopeless romantic is an expression that is used by people who think of romance as their life. For them, it is romance personified. It’s in their flesh and blood. They think about love and romance all the time. They take romance to a new level. Their being alive depends on romance. People who are hopeless romantics are also sometimes called overly sentimental or emotional. They are also referred to as daydreamers or someone who always live in la-la land. They think of romance in an unrealistic way. Something that only happens in fairytales and movies. Others think of them as fools for their romantic notion about life in general. They hold very high expectations of love and romance, and they are challenged to be satisfied just because they have an unrealistic notion about love. Being romantic is a good sign, but being overly romantic may create problems in a relationship. Excess of anything is bad, even if it is an excess of something that is desirable and positive. Hopelessly romantic people live in a world of dreams and expect their partners to participate in such fantasies and fulfill them.

Hopeless Romantic Guys And Girls:

Romance Is A Highly Volatile Act:

Romantic love is a highly volatile emotion that comes with its own risks and perils. Some people view love as a gamble where the stakes can be very high. Just like every gamble, love, too, comes with uncertainties and worries. We just have to play the game of love without knowing the consequences. We have got to indulge in love to know what love is to see if we are lucky in love.

Being A Hopeless Romantic Increases Expectations:

The feeling of love and romance is so great that every risk is worth it. Not knowing the outcome or not getting success with love should not prevent us from falling in love. It’s not possible to possess something without trying it. Most people are afraid to fall in love just because they think they are hopelessly romantic, and their hopes may not be met in their relationship.

Hopeless Romantic Means Finding Love:

Hopeless romantic is a phrase that is very closely linked with finding real love. It is also related to success with love. When we find real and sustainable love, we say that our hopes have been met. When we don’t find love or our love doesn’t work out, we say our expectations have not been met in love.

Hopeless Romantic In Linked With Finding Love:

Our being a hopeless romantic is directly correlated to our ability to find love and our success with love itself. This is the wrong approach. Instead, keep trying until you succeed in love, and in the process, you would have made your heart and mind more apt for nurturing love when it does come with full force. History doesn’t always repeat itself, and things can still turn out to be better than before.

Hopeless Romantic Is Perceived Differently By Different People:

Different people interpret being a hopeless romantic somewhat differently. What they forget or ignore is the fact that love is a blessing. The more love we get, the more fortunate we are. It has a magical way to make our lives colorful and vibrant. When it is such a wonderful feeling, it’s rather silly to be skeptical about it. In fact, we should be more welcoming to love, no matter what happens later.

Hopeless Romantic Is A Great Feeling:

Being a hopeless romantic is a divine feeling, and lucky are those people who are fortunate enough to experience it. Hence, if love ever knocks on your door, embrace it with open arms and without any prejudice. Keep a positive approach towards love and be optimistic even if you feel otherwise. We have to be open to love, and we have to believe in love if we want to be lucky in love. If you close your door for love, you will just be depriving yourself of feeling the love.

Hopeless Romantic And A Match Made In Heaven:

Hopeless romantic people have a lot to do with their fate, and it is said that matches are made in heaven and that there is someone for everyone. These are just beliefs with vary from person to person and from culture to culture. If you wish to know if you are lucky in love, there is only one way, which is to take a plunge and see where it leads you. You may find true love, or in the worst case, you would have at least felt the incredible out-of-the-world feeling of love. If you take it with that kind of positive attitude, you will always be lucky in love and come out as a winner in love, regardless of the outcome.

Hopeless Romantic Is The Loveliest Feeling:

Love and hopelessness in romance is a lovely feeling. In fact, love is the most adorable feeling in the world. Love is a combination of many feelings put together. Love is a highly enjoyable and desirable feeling. It is priceless and holds far greater importance than most superficial things. Love is very attractive, beautiful, and highly pleasing as well as enjoyable. Love is a pleasant feeling. Lovely comes from lovable, an adjective that describes a person’s or thing’s attractiveness, which inspires and spreads love. Love is something so attractive you can't help but love it.

Hopeless Romantic Makes One Feel Like They Are Truly In Heaven On Earth:

The lovely feeling of love actually comes from some chemicals within your brain, which make you feel so beautiful. Love involves hormones, testosterone, and estrogens. All this causes the heart to pound faster and the palms to sweat while giving pleasure. Love makes the brain aroused, and there is an increase in the chemical secretion, which makes a person feel kind towards another person.

Hopeless Romantic Is Love Personified:

Love and romance make a person happy, hopeful, grateful, and inspired. It can even change your life in a way you had not previously imagined. Love can make you feel invincible and can also give incredible inspiration. Love makes you romantic. It also eliminates your fears. Love brings out the best version of yourself, something you may have never experienced before. Love makes you selfless and makes you believe in yourself and your capabilities. Love is a secure attachment and liking towards the other. Love is abstract. It cannot be seen but felt.

Hopeless Romantic Is Giving Yourself Wholeheartedly:

Love is when one gives themselves wholeheartedly to the other. Love draws two people closer to each other. Love is necessary for one's life. Life becomes spice-less without love. Love makes one feel special and wanted. Love is the language of the heart. Love overlooks flaws in the other person because they think that the person is perfect and amazing. Love brings a smile to the person being loved. When one is in love, one feel confident. When there is love, nothing seems to be impossible. Every moment becomes beautiful. Love is an exchange of hearts between two people. Love is when the other person means the whole world to you.

Hopeless Romantic Fills Life With Love And Happiness:

Love makes a person do anything or everything for the other person out of attraction, attachment, and liking. Love can be made secure with trust, understanding, respect for each other, no arguments, affection, care, and support for each other. When one is in love, the world seems to be a beautiful place to live in. Love is the most desirable feeling in today's world, as it brings two people closer to each other. It is vital to give each other time so that love grows stronger with time. So love is so lovely and lovable that it can do things far beyond your imagination.

Signs Of Hopeless Romantic:

Following are some signs that prove that you are a hopeless romantic.

You love romantic cheesy novels and movies. You can read these novels or watch these movies over and over again without getting even slightly bored.

You love getting flowers and romantic gifts from your partner. You get a sudden and immense glow on your face whenever you are surprised by such things.

You get tears in your eyes whenever you watch a romantic scene on television. You even feel emotional when you watch a touching commercial that has a couple in it.

You can’t keep your hand off of your partner and never lose any romantic opportunity. You love the idea of holding hands in public and indulge in some public display of affection knowingly just to demonstrate your love to others.

You use a lot of cheesy words whenever you see something slightly romantic. You feel happy for even strangers who are genuinely in love.

You love cheesy old romantic songs. You can never get enough, and you always listen to love songs no matter what the mood or occasion may be.

You feel irrationally sad even if a stranger breaks up their romantic relationship. You also shed a few tears when you hear an acquaintance broke up their relationship.

You fantasize about romance all the time. You daydream about being in a romantic situation or an intimate setting and having sex all night.

You fall in love even with objects such as your table and lamps. You also love the things that you do, such as your favorite restaurant or movie theater.

You still believe in magic and fairytales. You actually think, or at least a part of you feels that Romeo and Juliet were for real.

In short, hopeless romantics are the people who are indeed too demanding of romance. Their romantic aspirations are too high. Sometimes so high that they fall on their face. The best way is to be hopeless and hopeful at the same time. If you can find a balance between the two, you would have understood the true meaning of romance. It would mean you are more in tune with reality and be a very romantic person at the same time.
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November 11 ,2022
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