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Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless Romantic Is An Expression That Is Used For People Who Are Extremely Romantic And Passionate

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A hopeless romantic is a an expression that is used for people who think of romance as their life. For them, romance is personified. It’s in their flesh and blood. They think about love and romance all the time. They take romance to a new level. Their being depends on romance. People who are hopeless romantic are also sometimes called overly sentimental or emotional. They are also referred to as daydreamers or someone who always lives in a la-la land. They think of romance in an unrealistic way. Something that only happens in fairytales and movies. Others think of them as fools for their romantic notion about life in general. They hold very high expectations of love and romance and they are very difficult to be satisfied just because they have unrealistic notion about love. Being romantic is a good sign but being overly romantic may create problems in a relationship. Excess of anything is bad, even if it excess of something that is desirable and positive. Hopelessly romantic people live in the world of dreams and expect their partners to participate in such dreams and fulfil them. Following are some signs that prove that you are a hopeless romantic.

You love romantic cheesy novels and movies. You can read these novels or watch these movies over and over again without getting even slightly bored.

You love getting flowers and romantic gifts from your partner. You get a sudden and immense glow on your face whenever you are surprised with such things.

You get tears in your eyes whenever you watch a romantic scene on television. You even feel emotional when you watch an emotional commercial that has a couple in it.

You can’t keep your hand off of your partner and never lose any romantic opportunity. You love the idea of holding hands in public and indulge in some public display of affection knowingly just to demonstrate your love to others.

You use a lot of cheesy words whenever you see something slightly romantic. You feel happy for even strangers who are deeply in love.

You love cheesy old romantic songs. You can never get enough and you always listen to love songs no matter what the mood or occasion may be.

You feel irrationally sad even if a stranger breaks up their romantic relationship. You even shed a few tears when you hear an acquaintance broke up their relationship.

You fantasize about romance all the time. You daydream about being in a romantic situation or in an intimate setting having sex all night.

You fall in love even with objects such as your table and lamps. You even love the things that you do such as your favorite restaurant or movie theater.

You still believe in magic and fairytales. You actually think or at least a part of you thinks that Romeo and Juliet were for real.

In short, hopeless romantic are the people who are in indeed too demanding of romance. Their romantic aspirations are too high. Sometimes so high that they fall on their face. The best way is to be hopeless and hopeful at the same time. If you can find a balance between the two, you would have understood the true meaning of romance. It would mean you are more in tune with reality and be a very romantic person at the same time.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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