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How To Kiss A Guy Or Girl Passionately

10 Ways Of How To Kiss a Guy Or Girl Passionately For Exciting And Enticing Your Lover Or Romantic Partner Right Now

How To Kiss A Guy Or Girl Passionately

10 Ways Of How To Kiss a Guy Or Girl Passionately For Exciting And Enticing Your Lover Or Romantic Partner Right Now

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A passionate romantic kiss is supposed to be always fun to enhance the romance and passion in your relationship by uncovering innovative ways to kiss each time differently. A kiss has the power to bond two people together like never before as it is one of the most magical romantic experience in life. Every kiss offers something special regardless of the connection between two people as it can give out some of the most energetic vibes. Kisses are not just meant exclusively for the lips or face as there are plenty of other body parts a kiss can do magic. Every kiss is an expression of how our soul feels for the other person. There are so many different ways of kissing your loved one, and each method brings out something totally unique. It is important to learn how to be a good kisser in order to make your relationship more intimate and sensual.

Following is the full list of ten top most ways to kiss passionately for exciting and enticing your lover or romantic partner right now:

# Kiss Slowly:
Start the process of kissing slowly by taking tiny baby steps instead of going all out on your partner. Try to nibble or caress your lips gently around your partner's ears instead of going straight for the lips. Maintain a slow pace so that you can gently tease your partner about getting more excited and increasing the temperature. Kissing on the ears or the neck can send a shiver down the body which can make things really hot.

# Kiss Sensually:
It is essential to be sensual in you kisses by pouring your love and affection for your partner. Feelings and emotions are what makes kisses so addictive by gluing two people together. Be gentle by not being too aggressive and still passionate enough to make the other person crave for more. Focus on your energy differently each time to bring new flavors.

# Kiss Lips:
Lips are one of the most sensual places to kiss anyone romantically. Gently touch their lips with yours without kissing them so that you can feel a higher level of excitement. Doing so will make you both feel more loved and cared for by one another. Then slowly lock lips and indulge in an intense lip to lip kiss that can take you both to another world.

# Kiss Hands:
It means so much when you kiss your partner's hands as it symbolizes a token of appreciation of the love you have for them. Try to kiss them whenever they say something sweet to you so that you can instantly make them feel appreciated. You can take the kiss on their hand to another level and make it sexual by licking their fingers one by one or even lick their palm to make things more intimate. All this can ignite a long session of passionately making out with your partner.

# Kiss Face:
Shower kisses to your lover's face starting from their forehead and then going to the other parts of their face. Move down to kissing on their chin with feelings. Then slowly kiss their eyes as if you are blessing them will al the love that you have for them. Finally, romantically kiss their cheeks and then repeat the same pattern before taking things further.

# Kiss Gently:
The most important thing to consider is to kiss your partner gently and slowly. Then increase the pace all of a sudden and then back out for a few seconds. This will allow your partner to participate and take the initiative to kiss you back as well. Touch your partner around their back or waste while kissing each other so that things can become more intimate.

# Kiss Compliments:
Shower your lover a few compliments while kissing them all over. Whispering something naughty softly in their ears can make kissing many times more interesting and exciting. Praise each part of their body and then kiss them right there and continue doing so until you cover all parts. This exercise will make the entire kissing activity a lot of interactive and pleasurable.

# Kiss Body:
It is essential to understand that kissing should involve far more than just kissing lips. First, know where your partner likes to be kissed and then kiss them right on those spots. Do not leave any part of their body left without kissing them, thereby moving on from one part of their body to another until you cover their full body. Maintain a nice rhythm by being soft when you need to be and hard when you feel it right.

# Kiss Naturally:
Your kisses should come out naturally and should be full of feelings for your partner. It should be more of an act of expressing your love and affection for your partner by your kisses. Let your kisses flow organically instead of making them appear as a scripted act of tricks to get them. You will be fine as long as your kisses portray your romantic feelings for your partner without making too many efforts.

# Kiss Teasingly:
It is possible to tease your partner with kisses in order to make things more intimate as time goes by. Kisses can always be used as a precursor to an intimate session of love making. Think of creative ways to tease your partner so that you can make them come to you asking for more and more. Give your kisses a sense of surprise and do things that make your partner come all over you, which can take things to a much higher level.
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November 15 ,2020
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