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Love Bombing Or Lovebombing Or Love Bomb Or Lovebomb Means Or Defined As A Dating Technique In Which A Narcissistic Sociopath Bombards A Romantic Victim By Overwhelming Levels Of Attention And Approval

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Love Bombing Or Lovebombing Or Love Bomb Or Lovebomb:

Love bombing or love-bombing or love bomb or lovebomb means or is defined as a dating technique in which a narcissistic sociopath bombards the romantic victim that they are dating right from the first time they met them with overwhelming levels of attention and approval. They shower so much love on the other person and expect so much attention from the other person that it leads to pushing them away by making them feel suffocated. Love bombers are narcissists and sociopaths, and many times don’t even realize what they are doing can ruin the other person’s life. They manipulate their romantic victim through their over-loving behavior by sugarcoating a poison pill.

Love Bombing Is Accelerated Love On Steroids:

Love bombing is an accelerated form of love, and it’s almost like love on steroids, which creates an intense feeling of affection and adoration. It is supposed to overwhelm the receiver with a very high intensity of love in a very short amount of time so that the other person gets mesmerized and lured into the love trap reasonably quickly and easily.

Love Bombing Sounds Good But It's Not:

All of the above must sound good to almost everyone and it may even feel better to get that kind of love from someone. We all want to be hit by a big boomerang of love, but this is the exact thing that the other person uses to get us.

Love Bombers Know The Other Person's Weakness:

The love bombers know this exact weakness of human nature; they are fully aware of the fact that people love getting bombarded with love. Hence, love bombers attack people's innate desire to be a lover and cherished.

Love Bombers Know Exactly What To Do Or Say:

Love bombers do and say all the right things to establish a profound place in their heart. Ironically, like everything else in life, if something is too good to be true, then it is not, hold true, the bomb finally explodes, leaving the other person totally devastated.

Love Bombing Relies On Basic Human Nature:

Love bombing is an easy way to attack mainly because all human beings want to be loved. It makes people feel special, as if the best thing in the world has just happened to them, making them feel like they are on top of the world, and for that reason alone, most people play along with and even encourage such an intense form of love.

Love Bombing Is A Proven Technique:

Love bombing is a proven and effective strategy that works because everyone wants to feel loved and feel good, especially if someone is lonely and desperate to have someone special in their life. Love bombers can get to such people because they are feeding them exactly what they crave.

Love Bombing Feels Good When It Should Not:

All of this feels great, but only until it’s not. Things quickly change, they go from what seemed like a fairytale to a living nightmare, as the other person begins to behave indifferently, and that is exactly how they manipulate people to win their hearts for their ego and benefits.

Love Bombing Is Not Always Obvious:

The worst part is that love bombing is not always obvious when it first starts, but it quickly becomes more apparent. All you have to do is keep your guard on and stop getting trapped in such situations as we all have something similar in our lives at some point or the other.

How To Protect Yourself From Love Bombing:

The best way to spot a love bomber is by paying attention to their acts or the things that they do, and not so much to their words or the things that they say. Most importantly, trust your inner instincts and your inner heart because they are usually not wrong, and also get an outside opinion from a close friend or family member.

Love Bombing Is A Love Trap:

The love bombers try to make themselves indispensable, and once the person is trapped, they quickly withdraw and leave the other person begging for just a little bit of time and attention. If the other person is trying to make you feel guilty and disrespecting your wishes, you should run away from such a person.

Love Bombing Depends On Human Craving For Love:

Love bombers are aware that most people crave that special bond and companionship with someone, and they feed us precisely that. We can sense that this is just too good, but we often ignore it because it makes us feel so good about ourselves, as the other person quickly expresses their profound love and makes us think that we are all that matters.

Love Bombing Warning Signs:

It is usual for people to get infatuated very quickly, especially when everything seems to be perfect. However, when something looks too suspicious, then there is an excellent reason to question your judgment. It is a valid question, to be concerned about the sudden and extreme form of admiration from someone who does not even know the other person. It is not healthy for a stranger to come out of nowhere and shower all the stars and the moon on someone's feet, and that too for no good reason.

When Love Bombing Turns Into Love Nightmare:

The problem starts once the love bombers have accomplished what they wanted, which is to make a mark on our hearts and minds. Once the fundamental goal has been attained, they begin to show their true colors. Very soon, the love bombers will start taking advantage of the other person and even point out their flaws or shortcomings. All the bickering and criticizing seeps in, and that is just the beginning of what more has to come.

Love Bombing Turns Ugly:

Once they can get what they want, they quickly withdraw because that is just how they operate. What first seemed like a story from a fairytale now turns into something gruesome, and things begin to fall apart, making us feel almost as if it was a house of cards or a castle built out of the sand.

Love Bombing Is End Of Honeymoon Phase:

The bad news is that once the honeymoon is over, which happens rather quickly, the love bomber takes a 180-degree U-turn. Their main objective is to impress someone extreme form of romance at the beginning of the relationship so that the other person gets so addicted to them that they can take anything from them, no matter how negative things get.

Love Bombing Ends With Broken Hearts:

Finally, it all comes to an end, and the love bombers go out to look for someone else. The bad part is that the victim is left feeling betrayed and heartbroken. All that just happened was not real; it was all just a drama or a trap to get into our good books. A person who genuinely loves someone would never do such a thing.

Love Bombing Mode Of Operation:

The way love bombers operate is they first shower a person with extreme amounts of love and affection to win them over, and then, once they get what they wanted, they'll quickly move to a withdrawal mode, taking back all that love and affection, hence, showing their true colors, which includes a lot of manipulation and controlling behavior. The only thing to avoid falling prey to love bombers is to stop it before it even starts. True love does not happen overnight, and it may be just in the movies it does. In real life, there is no such thing as love at first sight, and there may be some exceptions, though. One needs to assess if what the love bomber is selling is something real or if it’s just a bubble that will eventually explode on our faces.

Love Bombing Vs Genuine Love:

It is understandably challenging to distinguish between a new partner who is genuinely in love with the person, or if it is a love bomb that will eventually explode and shatter everything down. Love bombing is like a drug, it makes a person feel good, but once the person is hooked on the love bomber, the bad part begins, which s manipulation and narcissism.

Love Bombing Means A Big Bang Of Disappointment At The End:

Even if a new person seems like the real deal and feels that their love is real, always keep your eyes wide open as an abundance of precaution. It is far better to take things slowly than to get hit by a big bang of disappointment.

Signs Of Love Bombing:

-They express their love almost right away without meaning it, mature people take time to understand someone and then fall in real love.

-The love is expressed in extremes, and they will continuously express love throughout the day, exaggeratedly and excessively.

-They say all the things you want to hear and do all the things you want them to do without even asking, and they attack the feeling of insecurities and sugarcoat their words to sweet talk someone.

-They continuously shower the other person with praises and compliments and also romantic gestures and flattery that are usually over the top shallow and inauthentic; they know how to make the other person happy.

-Everything feels too good to be true because it really isn’t, and that is a sign to keep your guard on.

-Everything that they do is overwhelmingly loud, doing things like painting an entire wall with a love message when they hardly even know the other person.

-Things move rather too quickly, all the way from expressing love to making dreams together.

-They shower with expensive gifts and even make sure to make it known their cost in order to make the other person feel indebted, someone who is genuine would never try to showcase how much they spend on their love interest as if it is like an investment.

-The person makes you feel like you are the only person that matters in the entire world, giving undivided attention in order to make the person feel special.

-Making promises that may not be kept in the long run, just to impress someone with false dreams.

-Lots of ups and downs in feelings and emotions, one day they are heads over heels in love, and then the next day they behave like strangers

-There is an overwhelming amount of communication, a lot of never-ending texting, and phone calls throughout the day.

-Showing up to spend time, which seems more like stalking than a genuine desire to spend quality time together.

-Isolating the from their own family and friends, just so that the person becomes totally dependent on them emotionally as well as socially.

-Not respecting the other person’s time by always demanding more and more time even when it's not possible dues to personal and work commitments.

-Acting as a control freak by controlling what the other person does and where they go, all that in the name of love.
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November 11 ,2022
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